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  1. I can't imagine ever being happy gaming to earn money. It's one of my hobbies: I don't want to turn it into a job!
  2. Railroad Tycoon II... it came out in 1998; I got it in 2002; and I still play it today 😛 . I think the gameplay still holds up - and while the graphics don't exactly look 'modern', I think they've aged pretty well 🙂
  3. RIP, Lance Reddick 😢 . My condolences to his friends and family. I hope John Wick: Chapter 4 has a very successful run at the box office in his honour.
  4. I did something like this 😛 . I once mixed chocolate milk with Tabasco sauce to see what it would taste like, and it was... not as bad as I feared. Didn't have it again, though.
  5. Yeah, definitely. I find they can be very immersive, and thus have high 'escapement value' from real life - especially if they're fantasy-themed! Although, I suppose one disadvantage is that, once the traumatic time is over, I might grow to associate the game with the traumatic time. (For example, one thing that dampens my enjoyment of Transport Fever is that it was my main lockdown game!)
  6. To me: not at all. I mostly play strategy games - but they require mental energy, and sometimes, I don't have that. In these cases, I'd much rather sit down in front of the TV 😛 . Besides, a narrative you can control is rarely going to be as compelling as a narrative from a well-made film or TV show!
  7. Kinda sad from a "loss of historical value" perspective - but, I assume this would only be done on ones that currently aren't valuable anyway. (And sure, they might be valuable in 10 or 20 years... but, destruction of most of them is the process by which the remaining few become valuable in the first place 😛 ) And, if it makes them work better... that has to be better than them sitting unused, or being thrown out and recycled.
  8. Kyng

    Last Game Played

    Transport Fever, which I played yesterday.
  9. Kyng

    Is RGB important?

    Yeah, at that point, it just looks really tacky 😛 . Admittedly, my current laptop has it - but it was a complete non-factor in my decision to get that specific laptop.
  10. Kyng

    Last Game Played

    Transport Fever... only did a couple of in-game years, but it took me about two hours!
  11. Yeah... I think "All books should be free" is hopelessly idealistic. Implement that, and you'll find that far fewer books get written (and the quality of those that [i]do[/i] get written will likely go down). As for whether all books should be on the internet... if publishers have the means to digitise them, then I'd like to see them doing so. The more accessible they are, the better!
  12. Yeah, can't say I'd be too enthusiastic about adding ketchup to a PB&J either. Ketchup has its place, and PB&Js have their place... but their place is not together.
  13. Yeah, the only time I've had cereal with orange juice was when I ran out of milk, and couldn't be bothered getting more before breakfast 😛 . It... wasn't nice. I've never had ketchup on a sandwich, so I guess I'd take a chance on that 😛 .
  14. Yeah, I think I'm on the octopus's side on this one... it was only trying to protect itself from being eaten (and not just eaten, but eaten alive!) Myself, I don't even consider poisonous mushrooms to be food, so I'd take a chance on the raw octopus... although I would do everything in my power to stop it from fighting!
  15. I never fully missed an era - but, I didn't get any games from the late 1990s when they were new, because we still had an old computer with a 100MHz processor that couldn't run them. I did get a few of those games later on, after we'd upgraded our computer - but this was in the 2000s (by which point they were no longer new).
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