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Forgotten horror games that deserve remakes or reboots

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With Silent Hill 2 getting a remake expected to drop this year, it made me wonder about some of the more forgotten or less known horror titles getting their own remakes or reboots. 

One game I remember being somewhat popular after its release, was a game called Rule of Rose. I believe it's the one with the woman and her dog fighting off creepy masked children. I saw a playthrough of it years ago and thought it was weird and crazy, and I feel with its popularity today, it would be a great idea to remake or reboot the game. 

Another one, though a bit more popular, would be The Suffering. I think it had a sequel, but I forget. I can see an updated take on the game going over quite well, especially if they keep it in the prison setting. 

One last one would probably be Cold Fear. This game was under-looked by many because they decided to release it not too soon after Resident Evil 4 came out, so they kind of shot themselves in the foot there. But it is popular among gamers who did give the game a chance. The game takes place on a Russian ship where there are human enemies along with zombies. I think this could easily work as a remake or reboot. I'd love to see this world more realized. It's Ubisoft, so maybe one day they'll dig in their back catalog and remake it. 

But those are just a few. Do you have any forgotten horror games that deserve a remake or reboot? 

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Blue Stinger will be one old classic horror game that I believe needs a remake. The game was a big launch on Dreamcast but it never managed to come on any other console which makes it a lost survival horror relic game in my opinion. It needs to make its way to new gen consoles today. 

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A forgotten horror game from an otherwise very popular horror series: Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. It's so forgotten that Capcom forgot to release it physically when they ported their old RE games to PS4 and Xbox One. It was the only RE game remaster to be released digital-only. It's probably my favorite or second favorite game in the series, and I really hope it winds up being Capcom's next remake.

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On 1/13/2024 at 10:26 PM, Reality vs Adventure said:

Cold Fear was a very challenging game, cool you brought it up. I didn’t have much luck playing the game; I gave up on it. If you are interested in the old horror games; check out Obscure 1 and 2. 

I hadn't finished Cold fear but it was a very underrated and under-appreciated horror game.

On 1/17/2024 at 5:01 PM, Bizdustry said:

Dino Crisis. Dinosaurs haven't been conveyed in video games in the same way that zombies have, for example. And, this totle deserves another remake in the gaming industry.

You're taking me down memory lane. What really terrified me was the dinosaurs relentlessly chasing you down through so many areas.

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