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Classic Activision/Blizzard games you want to see make a comeback on Xbox?

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Lets skip out on the Call of Duties and the big releases that are still coming out. I want to talk about the forgotten Activision games, the ones that haven't had a new game in a long time. The Prototype series comes to mind for me almost right away. I remember enjoying both games, and now that Xbox likely owns the franchise, I would love to see a new game in the series or a reboot even. I don't know if Activision still held some of the rights for certain Marvel games, if they do, I'd love to see some more Marvel game remakes on Xbox, but I'm doubting that will happen. They will probably just put those games on Game Pass and call it a day. 

Blur is another I think should make a comeback. Activision purchased the studio behind Blur back in 2010, so I think a new game could be possible. I remember it being a decent enough racer, but it kind of went under the radar. 

Oh and I wouldn't mind a new Tony Hawk game, the recent remastered THPS 1&2 was pretty decent. I can see them finally producing a good Tony Hawk sequel. We all know how THPS 5 turned out. 

And last but not least, make more Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games please. 

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I wouldn't mind a really good THPS 6 or even THPS 3+4  in the same style of remake as 1+2. However, I don't see that happening since the studio who handled 1+2 and did a fantastic job, was shut down and merged into another studio within Activision. Kinda like what they did to Neversoft back in the day. I guess history really does repeat itself.

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