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Your go to handheld to bring on vacations

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Whenever you go on vacation, do you ever bring a handheld gaming console along? Maybe a retro classic like the Gameboy, or you bring a more modern handheld like the Switch or Steam Deck. I don't own too many handheld systems, but I do have one of those retro handhelds, the Evercade handheld that takes new cart based games. I could probably take that on vacation with me. But I wish I owned something like the Steamdeck. I could see myself taking something like that on vacation to hold me over while I do my traveling. What about you? What handheld console do you take on your travels? 

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It definitely used to be the Switch, but I haven't really brought it with me anywhere in a while. The thing I've brought with me more frequently the last few years is my Anbernic RG351M handheld emulator. It can play pretty much any system up to the PS1, but the thing I've used it for like 99% of the time is GBA emulation. The screen on it is the perfect aspect ratio for GBA, and the GBA has such a vast and excellent library of games to choose from. The last thing I played on it was Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, but the game I've played the most by far is Tetris Worlds. 

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