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The Blackangel

Paranormal Stories

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Is anyone else into the paranormal? I love the whole subject, especially stories from other cultures. Some of my favorites are Spedlins Tower, the big grey man of Ben Macdhui, the moving coffins of Barbados, Okiku's Well, the duppies of Jamaica, La Llorona, and Monte Cristo just to name a few. There's thousands more from all over the world. The most infamous here in the states is easily the White House. But there's also other places like Hell House in New Orleans Louisiana and the Winchester house. Then there's objects like Annabelle and Robert, the Hope Diamond, and several works of art like The Anguished Man, The Crying Boy, and The Hands Resist Him paintings.

There's dozens of other paranormal/haunted/daemonic places and objects that I haven't mentioned that I'm a fan of. But I want to hear what everyone else has to say.

@Shagger and @Crazycrab
Have you guys ever checked out either of the ones I mentioned? I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

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As someone who believes in the paranormal, I loved hearing about Robert the Doll as well as Annabelle. Have you guys heard of the Sallie House? It was documented on the early 90's show called Sightings and Ghost Adventures/ Buzzfeed Unsolved also talked about the house. Legend has it that a young girl passed away in the house, she was brought to the house who was occupied by a doctor who thought she had appendicitis, so he gave her anesthesia but cut into her before it could kick in and she started screaming and bled to death. 


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I do believe in the Paranormal - there's the Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay which does feel like it's haunted. It always feels like there's a malicious spirit roaming around the place.

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Posted (edited)

With Annie Palmer roaming around, it's freaky as hell. Especially with her being buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on the estate grounds of what was formerly her plantation. Yeah, there's that tomb near the house, but that's for tourists that don't know anything about Rose Hall. I would love to come back to Jamaica and go on another tour. If I'm lucky, we'll see the wicked bitch somewhere and I can tell her to eat shit if she gets on my nerves bad enough. This kind of thing is why @Rain Dew and I are paranormal investigators. We love the paranormal and anything that simply can't be explained. Cryptids are also a passion with our paranormal beliefs. There's just too much out there in this world that has no rational explanation except for being a cryptid or paranormal.

I'm looking for The Rake, and I'm gonna nail his ass!
Creepypasta, I know, but it's still fun to say!

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