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Martin Berisford

What video game had the worst ending of all time (in your opinion!)

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I'm sure there are lots and lots of games out there that just ended terribly, or not how you envisaged. Which games hit that kind of criteria for you and why? 

For me, playing Far Cry 5 and the ending I walked myself into was just...odd. Didn't end at all how I thought it would. I won't share due to spoilers in case but it was a complete anti-climax to the game itself. Just didn't do it for me really.

What about you? 

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I played a game called ZUB on the Amstrad growing up. It was a pretty fun platformer/shooter with a rad soundtrack. The whole point of the game was that you had to travel through 7 worlds to find a special green eye to win the game. Funnily enough, when you get all the way to the end, the twist is, the special green eye was in your pocket all along. And you’re then tasked with trying to TRAVEL BACK THROUGH ALL 7 LEVELS! My 8 year old brain just couldn’t handle it.


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On 10/26/2018 at 7:53 AM, Demon_skeith said:

Super Mario Bros 2, it was all a dream? That's a bad cop out.

Haha, yeah. Even though the dream ending was a bit of a cop out, I still loved the ending. The end music was so cool!

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