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Controller grips?

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Do you use any kind of controller grips whether they be for your thumbsticks or the side of the controller itself?   I use thumbstick grips myself for better aiming/movement of the thumbstick since the xbox one thumbsticks can become uncomfortable after long periods of use. I find thumbstick grips or 'kontrol freaks' are a must, especially if you're playing First Person Shooters. 🙂 They sometimes can give you a slight advantage with your aiming. 🙂

Do you use any sort of grips on your controllers? 

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How much are they and what's the best to purchase? Nope, never heard of them or used a controller grip but I am interested, there is no harm in trying something a little different. Looking back, I've never experienced any problem with aiming or any aspect of the video game using a un-modified controller but I'm willing to try something different if it's makes a good impact while I'm playing. Please provide me with more information of where I can purchase a grip. 

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I've seen them but have never really seen the need for it. The PlayStation 4 thumbsticks are pretty comfortable and I've never really had any issues with discomfort with them. Plus, I don't think I play long enough for my thumbs to start hurting from using the thumbsticks. It would be a totally different story for the thumbsticks with the PlayStation 1 or even the PlayStation 2. Those things were so uncomfortable after a while.

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