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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants An Old Man Conan Movie

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2 minutes ago, kingpotato said:

dude but you said "star wars was doomed" 😂

Yeah, because of the disastrous games EA has been putting out plus most hardcore Star Wars fans seem to dislike the more recent movies. I was saying that from both ends of the spectrum the series is not valued.

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6 hours ago, killamch89 said:

Star Wars is doomed - Disney doesn't give a crap about it all and keeps releasing crappy Star Wars movies/cartoons while EA keeps releasing crappy Star Wars games.


14 minutes ago, killamch89 said:

I'm not a Star Wars fan and I haven't watched many of the movies so I have nothing to say about the series.

Alright but your posts sound very contradicting, then again dont base your opinion on what "hardcore fans" say, you should give the movies a chance, they are not perfect but they are definitively not crappy at least on my opinion.

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2 hours ago, kingpotato said:

I think it was the best decision, George Lucas gave us Jar Jar and Hayden Christensen those two are the real sins in the Star Wars movies.

Jar Jar didn't bug me too much. But Hayden Christiansen made me want a brain enema, or to have my entire memory wiped clean. It doesn't matter what the movie is. If Christiansen is anywhere near it, it's not worth seeing. But the thing that really pissed me off was the end of episode 6. They actually had the audacity to remove Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker when he was part of the force with Yoda and Obi-Wan and replace him with Christiansen. That was when I vowed to never watch that movie again unless it was an original copy on VHS, from the 80's. Before Christiansen was born.

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