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If you’re referring to musicals like The Sound Of Music, then I would say no. If you’re talking about musicals like Sweeney Todd and The Phantom Of The Opera, then I don’t see their popularity going up, but I don’t specifically see it going down either. It’s a very niche type of movie and doesn’t have the audience of other genres.

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I will never “go with the flow”. I can’t stomach the idea. I hate that “in crowd” bullshit. I tend to improvise. I plan out very little, and react before I think. It’s always seemed to me that when you make plans, something always happens to fuck those plans up. So I react instead of act.

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1) A competent leader that actually serves the people, and not himself/herself.
2) A strong economy that is able to maintain a decent life for people willing and/or able to work for it.
3) A crime scale as low as it can possibly be with able and intelligent law enforcement. We need some prison reform as well, because the system we have now just isn't working.
4) Viable programs for those that aren't able to work due to mental and/or physical disabilities.
5) Healthcare. Think Canada.


What does it mean? Virtually all countries would no longer exist, because they are all so far beyond broken that they just can't be fixed. Dust will not give you back the Colosseum.

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The Libertine

I'm an obsessive fan of Johnny Depp, and this movie gives his best performance ever. He plays a 16th century English nobleman, who is friends with the king, but royally (no pun intended) pisses him off constantly. It's difficult to follow and get into the first time you watch it, but it is more than worth seeing. It has John Malkovich and Samantha Morton in it as well.


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