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The music. Everyone knows music attained perfection in 1986. It’s a scientific fact.

Also those of us who were losers were still cool. 

Kids were kids. Girls jumped rope, boys played in the dirt with toy cars. Nowadays 4 year old kids are on their iPads. 

The best video games came out in the 80’s also.

Bands were about rebellion and music. Most today are about the money.

Also my absolute favorite car is a 1987 Camaro Iroc-Z t-top. I would kill for one.


That’s just what comes to mind at the moment.

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Considering the fact that the thing I love the most in this world is animals, it would be an animal history museum.

If that’s not possible it would be a paranormal museum, housing cursed items. Something like the Warrens museum in Connecticut.

But the animal history museum would take priority if possible.

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I’ve stayed to myself for 20+ years. I have rarely been in anyone’s home but my own. I honestly don’t remember anything from any of the extremely rare times I was at anyone else’s house. In all this time, I could count with my fingers how many times I’ve been in another persons house.

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On 10/20/2019 at 6:01 PM, The Blackangel said:

I would say it would either be Bon Jovi or NKOTB. I listened to both almost non stop when I was a kid. Granted there were other legendary bands, but those two topped the list for me.

Fair enough. Not my pick personally.

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2 hours ago, StaceyPowers said:

What is the most innovative metal band you have heard?

I would have to say Disturbed. They hit on actual issues with their music, and everything has an actual meaning behind it. They have released 8 albums and every song has held a meaning behind it and/or told a story. Whereas most metal bands are releasing only hard hitting screaming Disturbed does so much more. Their music is not only innovative, but inspiring as well. It has inspired me to be a better singer.

Here are some videos to give you an idea what I'm talking about.





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No money. I don't trust the big national charities. They're typically more of a corporation than a charity. I don't even trust the small local ones. If all you want is my money instead of possibly some volunteer hours, then you're obviously running a scam and you can kiss my ass.

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