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Aerielle del Rosario

Survival in a Zombie Outbreak (Zombie Shooter – Death Hospital)

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Let’s be real here :) Most zombie fans would probably be food for zombies instead of being hardcore zombie killing machines.

I recall having a conversation with my friends about being in a zombie apocalypse once. We all agreed that we would die in the end because we don't have a concrete plan of what to do and how to survive.


However, I discovered this game called Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital few days ago. I guess, I could say that it gave me tips on how to survive those meany zombies 😄

PLAN 101

if Zombie Apocalypse happened....

1. Get any weapon and make your own first aid kit.

2. Make sure you wear thick clothes so that even when they bite you, it won't penetrate that much..

3.  If you see any survivors, help them because they might get handy like giving you some tips about this and that yada yada. Also be careful, you might get fooled in the end.

4. Aim the head if you have SHOOTTTTYYYY but if you have an ordinary one, aim the legs to make them cripple so you (and others maybe) could get away.


This AR First Person Shooter gameplay is just the right amount of zombie reality I can survive in. It is also a good reminder that I won’t survive in a zombie apocalypse or epidemic since real life just doesn’t have a watch video or just provide some gold coins and you would immediately get resurrected. Yet we will never know...

What about you?

What game could help you survive a Zombie Outbreak?


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On 4/24/2019 at 4:29 PM, skyfire said:

And we can get the idea of how the games may look in near future. I would say that zombie outbreak would surley affect many people due to their mobile limitations and survival is tough

Ooh I see, with the generation today I think many people will suffer in the Zombie Outbreak. And with the plot of zombie games, do you think they will be a trend for 2019?

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It is only available in android so it's a bummer for iOS users 😞. Also, the game appeared in my phone and I can play it although it crashes sometimes >.< because it's 700mb. I heard it is a soft launch that's why there were some problems with the game. 

BTW! There's actually someone who's streaming it. Even a youtube video

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Ahh now I know why it doesn't work because the global launch for this game is still coming soon but since I'm staying here in the Philippines for a while, I can play the game. Additional, It is only available in android so it's a bummer for iOS users 😞

BTW! There's actually someone who's streaming it. Even a youtube video. If you still would like to check the gameplay. Anyways, I just researched it so now it is clear


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I put the link
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