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Your first PlayStation?

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It was actually the PlayStation 1 but it way after it was released. There was a sort of kids auction site (like a kids eBay) where you could buy and sell things for points. I managed to buy a used Playstation 1 with a large collection of games as well. But then a year later, for Christmas, I got the Xbox 360 S so I didn't really play with it anymore so I decided to put it up on a site and give it away for free. I slightly regret that decision since it would have been nice to keep it but I guess someone can use it and benefit from it more than me.

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As a child, I got the original Playstation about a month after it was released. My first set of games for it were mainly demos with games like Jet Moto, Tekken and I think I also had Tony Hawk pro-skater on the same demo as well. I then got Fifa98, Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Grand Tourismo which I played the hell out of them.

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On 11/28/2018 at 9:51 AM, Shortie861 said:

My first ever Playstation Console was the Playstation 1, well I say my first ever, it was actually both my brother's first Playstation Console and I used to play on it a lot. I remember I would take over it the Christmas they got it and I would play Crash Bandicoot. I remember I was addicted to the racing Crash Bandicoot (name escapes me right now) and I used to annoy them by taking over it for a little while as well! Playstation I will admit is not my favourite console though and now that Crash Bandicoot is available on Xbox One, I don't always bother to use my Playstation 4.

ikr, but did you know there is a remaster for for crash team racing? looks sooo goood

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr2BCMRk_xc


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13 hours ago, camW00dS said:

Yeah, thanks

I've already finished beyond two souls and horizon zero dawn, now on my way to beat god's asses in god of war. Maybe some great games suggestions?

Have you tried the new Spiderman game? I heard it is pretty awesome although I haven't played it myself. Almost everyone I know with a PS4 keeps going on about it.

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