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Your first PlayStation?

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I've owned a lot of PS hardware in my life. My first PS console was the PS2. Also owned a PSP, PS Vita, PS3 and a PS4. 

My fave PS console is the PS3, though I know that that's an unpopular answer. What's everyone's fave PS console?

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My first ever Playstation Console was the Playstation 1, well I say my first ever, it was actually both my brother's first Playstation Console and I used to play on it a lot. I remember I would take over it the Christmas they got it and I would play Crash Bandicoot. I remember I was addicted to the racing Crash Bandicoot (name escapes me right now) and I used to annoy them by taking over it for a little while as well! Playstation I will admit is not my favourite console though and now that Crash Bandicoot is available on Xbox One, I don't always bother to use my Playstation 4.

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