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Isometric games?

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@Crazycrab was talking about isometric games on another thread and saying that on console they feel cumbersome compared to on PC.

I feel like I agree with this, though I can't quite explain why. Though in general, I find isometric games cumbersome. Don't get me wrong--I do like them. The first time I saw an isometric game was Solstice on NES, and as a kid, it blew my mind and was my instant favourite game. But I always sucked at it. I think it is because everything on the screen is tilted at an angle. I remember trying to tilt my NES controller thinking that would help me move correctly, but it didn't. 

Do you like isometric games or dislike them? Does anyone have any tips for getting better at them? 

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One game I recommend everyone stay away from, is Marble Madness on NES. That game will make you blow a vein in your forehead. Those fucking marbles are next to impossible to control and the time limit is a killer. It's one of only two games on NES that I have to use a Game Genie just to be able to make it through. The other is Legacy Of The Wizard. The object of that one is to find 4 crowns to release a dragon so you can kill it. I've been playing the game for 30 years, and to this day have still only found ONE crown. I love the game, but damn!


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