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Top 10 Fast Food Establishments

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We all love fast food (at times), but eat too much of it (depending on what you do and whether or not you're relying on it with work etc). That being said, what are some places that you just have to order from? It doesn't necessarily have to be 10 places, just a ranking of each.

1. Taco Bell
2. McDonald's
3. Burger King

That's it for me lol.

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I don't eat much fast food. Here is my list but not in any specific order.

  1. Shake Shack
  2. Habit Burger
  3. Wendy's
  4. Popeyes

Popeyes isn't definitely the most unhealthy from my list. I go every 4-5 weeks.

I use to frequent McDonald's and BurgerKing when I was much much younger. These two restaurants are so unhealthy lol. Again, I don't eat much fast food these days.

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1) Taco Bell

2) KFC

3) Subway

Since being on lockdown for months now, here in England, it's made me appreciate for what I take for granted. Enjoying a takeaway or dining in is a massive privilege and I can't wait until they re-open the eat-inside option. My favourite fast food establishment has to be Taco Bell - I love their cheesy chips. 

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5 hours ago, Demon_skeith said:

I don't have a top ten, but the few I do go to:

Little Caesars


Though with the lock down and everything, I've been going to less and less fast food places.

Casey's pizza is amazing. It's my absolute favorite place to get pizza from. Sausage and double pepperoni. The only requirement to go with it is an ice cold Diet Pepsi.

Damnit, now I'm hungry and craving pizza.

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