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Will the PS5 be the last PlayStation?

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I highly doubt the PS5 is going to be Sony's last console. They've always have higher sales than the Xbox, so if anything Microsoft may drop their consoles in the future. Sony does extremely well in Japan, in fact the PS5 outsold the Switch there which is huge! Nintendo consoles always come up on top mostly in Japan. The console market is huge, and yes many people prefer to game on their PCs these days but there are still die hard fans who stick to the Playstation brand over everything else.

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They won't stop. Not unless they make a multiple models that basically get zero sales, then maybe? 

Highly unlikely, though. I mean, you can connect a KB/M to the 5, I think, and some games support it. Just need more games to support the alternate input for KB/M and then it could become an an easy to maintain alternative to a PC for less tech-savvy people.

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