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It is possible to edit posts, but only within 10 minutes of originally posting them. You should have access to an edit tool by clicking on this icon at top-right of your posts;




As a mod, my tools may be different, but the edit icon should appear in a drop down menu.;




As aforementioned, regular members can only edit their own posts within 10 minutes of posting them. If there's good reason that you need to edit a post after this period, please let me know.

Edited by Shagger
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Edit button was easy to find 🙂  just that it shows up the other times it doesn't. 10mins is long though! wouldn't you think so?

Most have edit button straight away and that's better, I mean many times I click post and see I made a little mistake or I need to redo that line/word and I can't and I have to wait 10mins to edit the post, and truth, people won't wait for 10mins and leave the post and forget about editing the post.  

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