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The Blackangel

War at the capitol

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If you had asked me, I never would have thought I would see this. I knew this was the most tense and volatile election in American history, second only possibly to Lincoln. If things continue the way they are going, we WILL be in a second civil war. This will be remembered as the action that sparked it off.

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That's exactly what they want is chaos so that while trump is still president he can declare martial law and have the military decide the election. This is a coup right in our faces not only from those traitors at the capital but the republican politicians too. In Pennsylvania the republicans are blocking the swearing in of a democratic elected congressman, yelling and arguing like we see from third world countries. 

Today democrats win the senate!!! 2 more weeks of the coup attempt by republicans. It's a shame the law enforcement or national guard don't treat the traitors at the capital as they did BLM protestors and gun them down with rubber bullets, spray them, taser them, arrest them, beat them, and run them over. This is their so called law and order after all that bickering standing for the police and now they fight them? Are they gonna do this to the newly elected senators too for their swearing in? 

1 shot and died. I have no sorrow for the bitch. I thought at first when Biden was elected that we can work things out. Not necessarily forget everything the traitor republicans have done, but to try and move on to better things. After hearing many black politicians talk about this same type of behavior from republicans over and over through the years, I now believe republicans need to be punished. What message does this behavior send without consequences?

After the Civil War, we had to compromise with the confederates and give in to some of their demands that went against civil liberties. During the civil rights era, the democrats had to give in to republicans and not allow a couple of minorities to get elected. They keep holding this country hostage and are doing it again. We shouldn't give in to them at all anymore or this behavior will continue forever. 

And there is debate if trump's investigations into all the potential crimes committed should be pursued and people are afraid it will further divide us. If he broke the law, he needs to be punished. Republicans need to be held accountable.


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If you’re an American citizen, and you’re not scared, then you’re not paying attention.

Foreigners need to pay attention as well, because if things get any worse, this could easily spill over the borders. No matter how wide those borders are, and how great the distance is.

We are very seriously on the verge of a massive war. Possibly a third world war if we aren’t careful. Nuclear weapons were used in the last one. They WILL be used again. And we have some that will unfortunately make the atom bombs that were dropped on Japan look like UV lights for a tanning bed.

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This is the conclusion I've come to; I'm not reaching out to those traitors. Couldn't say it better than this article:


Stop Calling For Unity, I'm Not "Coming Together" With Domestic Terrorists

Mekishana Pierre

Thu, January 7, 2021, 7:50 PM CST

When my sister and I were younger, we were at each other's throats like opposite sides of a stan war. It was never physical because we both knew that going so far would invite the wrath of our small yet vicious Haitian-born mom, but we threw verbal jabs at one another like we wanted them to cut into flesh and render each other bloody. After every screaming match, my mother would tell us that we were sisters, and because of that unchangeable bond, we had to get over our differences and unite against outside forces that would happily harm us. Eventually, we'd patch each other up, let go of our qualms, and bond over our mutual hatred of Lucas and Peyton's relationship on One Tree Hill.

I offer this cutesy retelling of my sister's semitraumatic bullying during our adolescence because that's an example of a relationship where it makes sense to work through differences and make amends. Other examples would be your roommate who keeps leaving their towel on the bathroom floor, your coworker who forgets to return your pens, or your neighbor who plays their Spotify Daily Mix a little too loudly in the mornings. One relationship that is decidedly not on this list is the one between you and the far-right extremist who believes so fervently in the mockery of a man who promised to make their bigoted dreams come true that they besieged the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

The moment Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were projected as the winners of the 2020 Election on Nov. 7, political pundits on both sides began to sow seeds of "unification" in listeners' ears. The idea that Biden voters should show empathy for Trump supportershas become a topic of discussion, as if those supporters are owed some solace for losing the election. Even celebrity figures are getting in on the action, with Dave Chappelle using his opening monologue for Saturday Night Live's Nov. 7 episode to ask Biden voters to be "humble" in their victory.

To that I say, "No 💙."

Over the last four years, the only thing the Trump presidency has done efficiently is embolden racists, white nationalists, and QAnon believers. Whether they voted for him in 2016 or 2020, they did so for policies bred from hatred. They voted for a man who accepted endorsements from neo-Nazi groups, pledged to build a wall along the US-Mexico border, called for rollbacks of federal healthcare protections, initiated the "Deploy or Get Out" policy, tried to start a "Muslim ban," attacked Roe v. Wade, rolled back existing LGBTQ+ protections, and did everything wrong when COVID-19 hit.

The insurgents who invaded the Capitol with no fear for their lives didn't do so because they were worried about the economy or about the state of the world, they did so because of a threat to their power.

Everything the Trump presidency has ever stood for has been to keep marginalized communities under the boot of oppression. Though Trump's base is wealthy white people who know what he's doing, his supporters tend to be (largely) white masses who believe everything wrong is the fault of those who are different from them. The people who see immigrants as invaders, Black people as mindless thugs who need to be put down, and everyone else as obstacles to their battle to "make America great again." The insurgents who invaded the Capitol with no fear for their lives didn't do so because they were worried about the economy or the state of the world. They did so because they were throwing a tantrum at a threat to their power. A video from the insurrection by Robert Moore, ITV News Washington correspondent, shows people talking about going into "their" building, where the people there work for them, and demanding that their election be put right because the country stole it from them.

There are a lot of reasons to be angry about the uprising and even worried about what will happen next (because something will happen next). What I won't abide is any call for forgiveness or the talking point that the left should extend compassion to those who stormed the capitols in DC, Georgia, and Kansas. What compassion should I have for the people who fly the flags of white supremacy? Why should I try to understand people who think the best version of our country is during the Jim Crow era or people who reenact the murder of an innocent man for sh*ts and giggles? Why do they deserve grace when they've done nothing but do their best to violently ensure their power remains intact?

For so long, the narrative has been that those who support the Republican party and have supported Trump are afraid. Economic anxiety, they called it. But if his supporters were truly concerned about the future of their economic prospects, they wouldn't trust the man who hasn't delivered a majority of his promises and can't even provide them with financial security during a pandemic! At the root of it all, racism got Trump elected, and it's what fueled his followers to do their best to overthrow the results of a free and fair election in a fascist attempted coup. Just as Trump's election was a response to Barack Obama's presidential run, this insurrection was a response to those supporters' perceived threat to white supremacy with the election of Joe Biden, his multiracial cabinet, and a Democrat-controlled Senate.

What do I have to say to people who equate the Black Lives Matter movement to white power tantrums because of lost elections? Am I supposed to give mercy to the Republicans who backed Trump's claims that the election was stolen and the results should be contested? Are we supposed to forget that they spent four years stoking the flames of his madness? Just pat Mitch McConnell on the head like he didn't do his damnedest to keep us from receiving substantial aid during a pandemic?

I do not doubt that after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn into office, the major talking point will be that this is a time to "heal together" and "move forward as one nation." Hell, it's already happening. But the truth of the matter is, this has never been one nation. We have always been divided, and we will continue to be so as long as we have one set of laws for Black people and another for white people, a law system bolstered by our radicalized two-party system.

It's a system where one side casually slips into a full-blown fascist cult that blithely starts separating children from their parents with no chances of reuniting them, stripping people of their reproductive rights through mass sterilization and other policies, and generally does its best to f*ck over the American people while pointing the finger at everyone else. Then, the other side plays the part of progressive politics while stalling on making any actual decisions until it's too late and their hands are forced or there's nothing to be done. A party that continues to pander to the people who hate them, rather than focus on those who continue to vote in their favor.

I don't have the solution to fix the foundational rot this country was built on or the corrupt roots that make our system what it has always been - though there are plenty of people who have great ideas - but I do know that I will not go into this new year and presidency as if the past four years haven't happened. I will not indulge the idea that there is some accord to reach with people who continue to fight for white supremacy on every possible level. I can't believe that there's a common view to be had with people who villainize those fighting for their humanity and defend those who would rather oust democracy than lose their power.

Why isn't the message to change directed at the people who keep voting for white supremacy, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, climate change denial, and misogyny?

Why is it that the price of unity has always been at the cost of our freedom? Why is it the job of those who are constantly denied their humanity to compromise? When the far right loses an election, they don't actually lose anything. When the left loses or "gives in" a little, it's at the cost of our healthcare, our wages, our education, and our actual lives. Why doesn't the message of compassion lead to positive change in the lives of those who need it? Why does it always serve those who have been at the top the entire time? Why isn't the message to change directed at the people who keep voting for white supremacy, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, climate change denial, and misogyny? People who continually vote against their own interests because they continue to put white power over the country every day? But I'm supposed to be the bigger person to establish a cordial relationship? I think the f*ck not.

Until the day comes when we can "come together" to figure out how we can all get what we need from our government and each other, do you know who can talk to them? Other white people. Talk to your friends, family members, church members. Extend the hand of "get it together" instead of silently seething and then telling us about how awkward your Thanksgiving dinner was.

People have joked that civil war is imminent, but I don't think it's ever been more clear that this country is a failed state and Joe Biden's presidency isn't a quick fix for that. If anything, this siege has proven that change won't come peacefully. At this point, we can't go back to the way it was or we'll be repeating ourselves in another 10 years. And I'm not going to do that.



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I’m not joking when I say a second civil war is imminent. There needs to be a complete 180 by the republiKlan party. I’m not saying they have to vote Democrat, even though they should. What I am saying is that they need serious psychiatric help. We are not a nation anymore. We are a civil unrest with legal borders. Murder rates are higher than they have ever been. If you’re not a cisgender, straight, bigoted white xtian, you were pretty much fucked these last 4 years. Electing Joe Biden is a good start, but he’s not a magician. It will take him 2 terms to even get started. We’re going to have to get our next Democrat candidate in after Biden to pick up where he wasn’t able to finish. The economic destruction thanks to Adolf, has put this country back to puritan rule. I’m wondering where the witch trials are going to be held and exactly how many will be burned this time.

As it sits right now, it would take some sort of god(dess) to pull us out and put us into a healthy spot. But I don’t see that happening.

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Either the republican party splits, or the country splits. 

What kind of person is that party gonna put up to run for president 4 years from now? And republicans can't win without voter suppression. Republican states are already trying to push in laws to make it harder to vote in black and brown and urban areas. They are even doing it in Georgia right now, 2 days after the senate election! It really is up to Biden and all the democrats to uphold democracy. 

And a civil war in the USA I imagine would lead to a world war. So what side will our allies take? I hope our current allies in NATO and other countries around the world support democracy. I fear the whole Brexit thing and the impact it will have with NATO. The alliance is changing while fascism is taking root in places. Russia has some pretty close allies in the USA compromising the republican party. And will trump still get briefings when he is out? That guy is and will always from here on be a national security threat. He needs money and a country to live in once investigations take its course. What info would that traitor sell? What all data is trump gonna compromise as he gets the boot? 

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I guarantee that Adolf has copies of our most top secret files stored somewhere like Adolf Tower or somewhere else, smuggled out. Most likely his crotch goblin Adolf Jr. was told to hide them. It most definitely includes launch codes as well. He will sell them to the highest bidder. North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, or some group like Isis. Then he will take refuge in Putin's ass to hide. But his best friend being Putin, he may just give the files to him as an "I love you" gift. There's no telling what he has copied and smuggled out. We were fucked when he stole the election in 2016, and we've gone downhill into the ninth layer of Hell since.



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I wouldn’t go so far to say he stole the election in 2016. I know how you feel though as he lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020, which an election should win instead of an electoral college that gears toward allowing the minority rule. That in itself is not a democracy. But these people are trying to say Biden stole it while he won both popular vote and electoral college.

As far as the electoral college goes, it should be removed. It was put in place so that slave holders get a stronger vote by counting slaves who couldn’t vote to add to their population to get more electorates. But we have heard the voices of flyover country and they are a disgrace and nothing but fascists that want dictatorship. They don’t care about democracy at all unless it is for themselves. That isn’t how democracy works. So while the electoral college exists, those fascists have a stronger vote in so called swing states. And that is why the rural white man will do everything to not allow minorities to get houses. Because that means they would move into their territory in gerrymandering lines that favor the white vote. Either ban gerrymandering or the electoral college. To have both is an abomination to democracy while republicans do everything they can to suppress the votes of minorities across those county lines.

And I think once trump leaves the WH, the CIA needs to keep a close eye on that one. Actually, starting now they should. Trace his calls, monitor all his communications, all his bank dealings, and any of his contacts. He is actively working against the U.S. He is and has been compromised all along. If sedition at the Capital isn't enough, then nothing is. Where was the law in response to the raid? They had a heads up all along that was going to take place. Believe it or not, the trump administration wouldn't authorize the National Guard to move in during the raid. For some reason, nobody was available to take the call to authorize the National Guard as the NG were on stand by from calls of congressman trapped inside the Capital. But nobody would authorize it? After trump incited it all? Smells like sabotage from the inside to me. He needs to be removed immediately. And the Capital police just let them stride on in and took selfies; all the while one of the cops was killed. Where are the arrests?????????????

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"The faster establishment Dems realize that no one is being hyperbolic about the Republican Party breakdown being driven by literal nazis the better. Y’all want civil discussion and they want a white ethnostate. You are absolutely not playing the same game,” tweeted Marc Dones, executive director of the National Innovation Service.

This is a very good point. While democrats want middle ground, Biden calls for peace, and Americans want to debate, the fact of that matter, we aren't on the same page as the republican Nazis who simply want white supremacy at all costs. Until we tackle the domestic terror threat, by calling it out what it is, hold politicians responsible for inciting, ban them from social media, and prevent known perpetrators like QANON and proud boys from gathering together; then democracy will get attacked over and over.  There is no middle ground with terrorists that only want that 'ethnostate.' 

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It is crazy to think that Americans will now experience something they didn't for a long time, most of the countries I lived in experienced some kind of revolt, my home country even multiple ones. So in a way it might change the mentality, and I hope that it will be better after this all finishes, and maybe I move to the USA one day 😄

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As investigations are under way, it looks more and more like an inside job from this administration. Nobody would approve of the National Guard to be deployed during the attack; they had plenty of time to prepare since it was shown on social media this was going to take place; panic buttons were torn out from someone inside the capital before the attack even happened; capital police literally opened the barricades for them to enter; capital police had to have escorted attackers to offices that were completely out of plain site, but the crowd took a beeline directly to it? This is pure treason. Now there are metal detectors at the capital bldg and republicans complain about it. If I worked around those republican traitors I wouldn't want them bringing in guns either. More insurrections to come around inauguration. National Guard may get their social media investigated before being deployed to protect Biden in case there are traitors among them too. America is under attack from the inside. 

7 days to democratic freedom and the end of the republican coup as we will have a new commander in chief. Just have to make it till then. 

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I believe a discussion at the capitol took place over the electoral votes and then Trump rioters tried to break in under trumps encouragement and they did succeed into breaching the building and all politicians were evacuated or put into secure places and officers in the building were guarding barricaded doors. A women was shot in the neck because she tried to get past one of these barricaded doors even though she was warned not to. She ended up dying later on and was revealed to be an Air Force veteran. And then police arrived ended up forcing them out of the building.

I also believed that Trump was tweeting for the rioters to get out but he was ignored since footage shows people saying “trump isn’t always right” No wounder his account got ban and they trying so hard to get him to leave. SInce there isn't much days left why not they just wait and he will leave after next week. 

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