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EA wins bidding war for Codemasters studio

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So EA lands another studio, how fantastic. Like we need another studio to die at the hands of EA. Ugh. Anyway, this is kind of sad news, as Take Two was actually trying to get it, but EA was just too flush with money and they got the highest bid. Anyway, I can't recall what games the Codemasters team is responsible for, but I'm sure there are some gems in their catalog. 

What do you think EA will do with the studio?

Read more on this news here - VGC

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Electronic Arts is the lesser of the two evils here. Between sexual abuse and tax scandals happening right under their noses, Take Two Interactive should be starved while they're taking as much money as they do from Grand Theft Auto (specifically Online) and Red Dead Online.

If Codemasters die, which is likely given EA probably only want their racing licenses such as DiRT and GRID, it'll be (almost) entirely of their own accord given they've not produced anything above decent-ish for the past few years. It's amazing they've gone on for this long, to be quite honest. Still, if there's one thing I don't like Electronic Arts for its their cattle baron strategy in buying whatever racing properties they can. Barring Sony's Gran Turismo and Microsoft's Forza Motorsport, there's not much competition left now Codemasters are out of the picture.

Who knows, we might get a good Overlord game out of this.

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Wasn't it a £1bn bidding war after accepting an offer from California-based electronic Arts afterwards so EA, the maker of major big titles who makes the sims, has tabled a £945m offer for Codemasters, which is best known for its racing simulators including the formula one series, So this is been interesting. 

A UK based gaming company is no longer a UK based company 😞 Nooooo They are based in Warwickshire it seems and maybe they ill still run from Warwickshire then. 

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