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  1. I had wondered how a game based on The Boys would work. An interesting idea, I could quite easily see it being an open world sandbox akin to Prototype. I've not seen the show, but the original comics didn't exactly inspire any thoughts of it being a video game save for a 2D brawler or other fighting game sub-genre.
  2. Not gonna lie, Shagger, despite our differing opinions on this news I do appreciate what you did there as moderator. What you followed up with is a staggeringly good response, I envy you for having the time and energy to be diplomatic regarding that response. China has its own problems, of that nobody here has any doubt, but we don't need to use this acquisition to go on xenophobic tirades that I'd expect from the Disqus comment boards of other websites. My faith in this forum is being rapidly restored of late. Back on topic, in response to @Kane99 I fully expected Activision-Blizzard to have the net thrown over them, but by which company and when was difficult. I was prepared for any other company such as Electronic Arts, Take-Two, THQ Nordic... anyone before Acti-Blizz. But this goes to show that just about anyone's for sale (barring Nintendo and Sony), and it's scary to think Microsoft might become the next THQ or EA: swallowing up IPs and not doing anything with them. Add to that they're a console manufacturer and are likely viewing things beyond the 'console wars,' and there may be more than just gaming companies up for grabs. I can see using King properties such as Candy Crush: Saga to generate revenue from the amount of money they've spent, which means Xbox on your mobile, everywhere you go. That's a huge leap in market control.
  3. Vanguard has been messy in many places, but news of Modern Warfare 2 coming before the first season is even over is attrocious. I wasn't compelled to buy much in the first place but now I'm certain. I'll save my remaining CoD points, enough to buy the Season pass bundle, for that game. If I'm still playing CoD by that time. And much as I have enjoyed the latest three instalments, I don't think an upcoming game is going to fix the problems that have plagued the current. This reeks of desperation. We also have to consider the Microsoft acquisition too. Who knows how that's going to shake up development... and the store. If it's anything like the woes Halo Infinite players have expressed with that game's storefront, not unlike Anthem's, then there's troubles ahead. Then again their Battle Pass will probably improve if it does take on 343 Industries' model. Swings and roundabouts, as they say.
  4. In the DOS era of games you could sometimes get enemies to attack one another because of their scripts/'AI'. Nowadays it's either a hard glitch to exploit or it's intended with abilities. The latest game I've been doing this in is Call of Duty: Vanguard's zombies mode, turning Sturmkreigers against basic zombies for a giggle as often as I can. Shame it's random, it really is rather fun. Whilst looking up DooM's "Monster Infighting" phenomenon, I had come to learn that it was intentionally added in future games. I guess it was too funny to miss out, even in Doom: Eternal all these years later.
  5. I used to abhor the idea of Spyro the Dragon being remade, remastered or whatever. I threw many a shitfit back in my YouTube days over the pUrItY of the classics, and now I don't care enough to do so any more. I like the intellectual exercise, I like joining in forums discussing and debating, but I no longer have the energy to dedicate to actually being tired out by it. The industry has long passed me by and I've got more important things to care about, as well as hobbies that simply don't aggrevate me as much. So remake away. I would add to that "so long as the original remains intact and available for play," but presevation has become a long forsaken concern.
  6. Capital. Good riddance, though I suspect any tears caused by our jeering will be wiped away with the millions of dollars he'll retire on, unless he finds 'work' elsewhere. 🤢
  7. As much as I tire of the 'EA Bad' line, they really do deserve scepticism at the very least when it comes to MMOs. It's quite evident they don't like them, what with their history with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR). They'd sold the PvP element in a different game called Wrath of Heroes, another Warhammer-licensed game while the MMO was running and dying, which still required a subscription to play until its very end. They did good things with Harry Potter on Playstation, The Philosopher's Stone being very well received as one of the best movie tie-in games for the platform (whether that's nostalgia or genuine I can't comment), and they've handled Star Wars well if one ignores its monetisation (which even I can't defend.) So honestly, I'm glad they cancelled it, but what other publisher can make an MMO these days? The best ones seem to be young blood, save for Final Fantasy XIV, which had a lot of help from World of Warcraft being godawful. It's Catch 22: the people who can afford the Harry Potter license can't make a good game of it, and those who can make a good game of it can't afford it. There'll be delays applenty with whoever currently holds the hot potato that is HP.
  8. I could've sworn this news was ancient. I must've been thinking of Activision-Blizzard's acquisition of King. And now they've been acquired, I wonder if Take-Two and Zynga's portion of the mobile market has become appealing to Microsoft. Interesting times are ahead.
  9. There's good and bad news to be found in this. Good for Game Pass owners who will (one day) have their favourite Activision-Blizzard titles, either in the form of re-releases, remasters, ports and/or sequels. Good for the developers who (hopefully) will see their abhorrent work culture hacked away at and replaced with something that doesn't involve Cosby cults and drink-fuelled sexual harrassment. And good for Microsoft to, again, (eventually) have their return on investment by capitalising on the market. Unfortunately this news leaves a lot to be desired. Acquisitions are common, Sony and Nintendo have done it before, but no-one in the industry has bought anyone as big as Activision-Blizzard. This now means that the scope of competition has been significantly shortened, as no company is too big for Microsoft to claw up. And until they actually produce some games, they're no better than Electronic Arts with taking intellectual properties (IP) and not using them, but they're not yet that bad because time is on their side, and development takes time. But time is all they have before they're seen as a worse EA. In some circles, that's already happened. Bobby "I'll have you killed" Kotick still remains in charge, and even if his six month contract comes to an end, he'll leave with a god-almighty severance package after years of abusive and neglectful behaviour inflicted upon his staff. I had suspected that EA or Ubisoft would be bought up first, having seen more controveries and less profits. EA Access probably keeps Xbox from gobbling them up, or maybe it brings them closer. Ubisoft may want to think about accepting or denying an offer to bring Uplay to their platform, if they haven't already, if they want a merger (which, fair play to them, why concern yourself with monopolies when you're looking at nearly $70bn?) Square Enix, THQ, and Focus Home Interactive will follow suit. I'll eat my hat if Sony or whoever beats Microsoft to the punch. For now this is good news, but this industry often moves too fast for its own good. To quote one of the jolly green giant's newly acquired intellectual properties, "you will serve the Horde, or be crushed beneath it."
  10. Thank you for the offer but I must decline. As a fellow games journalist I'm sure you can appreciate it would go against my code of conduct to accept gifts that have been paid for by sponserships, especially when I'm invited (and decline) to engage in threads about them. I hope those copies go to good homes nonetheless.
  11. I enjoyed Grand Theft Auto V when it came out, and that's as much as I'll likely ever enjoy them. I don't see how they can begin to make a good game with sexual assault, tax dodging, a general degree of unprofessionalism, draconian IP protection and copyright claim abuse being aired out in public. Were I working there I'd be ashamed of it, were I not so worried about being the next person to be groped by an exec.
  12. I've not read them but I used to love Pat the NES Punk's content way back when. Totally forgot about that because he and his Ian Furguson did the awesome Completely Unnecessary (CU) Podcast. So honestly, I'd trust the content of those books to be well cited. It might not be well written, but his reviews were always good stuff so I trust in that too. At $60 a pop though, I'm not so sure. Then again I've just purchased The Book of CRPGs which is £30, which is considerably more limited in scope, so I'd be fine paying that much for a complete rundown of all NES games.
  13. I tend to stick with smaller communities where everyone knows each other on a first name basis and can adequately remember things mentioned in conversation, so that usually requires people to have relatable lifestyles. Weekends work best for my D&D group because we've all got those off mostly, but due to time-zones (one of our players is in Idaho, another Poland, and one who's between England and the US) it can be a bit difficult for us to schedule sessions and the amount of time we can spend for activities. Honestly, it's tough to find time and compromise is hard. I'm grateful for any time I can spend with my group; how many are there who only get to play D&D at conventions, after all? ^^
  14. S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 was going to have NFTs until 24 hours later developer GSC Game Worlds was bombarded with fan outcry. Of all the developers... So, name a developer or publisher and there's a good chance they'd want a piece of that money laundered pie, baked in a blazing rainforest.
  15. I don't think we'll have another 3 main characters again, its novelty is long over. I suspect at the very least we might have a female companion character, or a DLC with a female lead, but I'm not so sure the protagonist will be. I'd like for there to be, I think a female avatar could provide some commentary that only a good female voice actor could deliver on, but then would the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto have the bite to pull off such satire?
  16. Hazelight Studios, the developers you're referring to, aren't owned by Electronic Arts. They were given money and office space at DICE to develop their games as part of an initiative to support independent developers (which, err, are no longer independent) but have not yet been acquired. Even so, I'm sure for every studio that has a good game published under the EA Originals initiative, there's probably another studio that one deserves its critics through no fault of the publisher. BioWare, for instance.
  17. Quite possibly. It's becoming increasingly common that, with the advent of motion capture, voice actors are having to do the motion capture as well, thinning the line between VA and 'full-on' acting. Matt Mercer and a few other VAs from Critical Role had talked briefly about this during the intro to one of their D&D sessions, but then that was for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which was a fantasy setting and they were playing Uruks, so it made sense in that case. But for a lot of games I'd rather just have live action as opposed to CG. The good news is FMV is coming back in the indie scene, mostly in the form of adventure games.
  18. Frequently, but then I feel most of these things exist to cover the developers' backsides when questions arise about higher difficulties. As is the right thing to do; consumable items exist to be consumed, crafting reagents exist to be used in crafting. The more games that have limited or otherwise cumbersome inventory systems, the better expiry dates on items sound. Players will soon use them and realise how beneficial they are, or they realise how useless they are and get out of the habit of hoarding. Save for Dark Souls and other such games that have greater emphasis on attrition, I have to wonder why most RPGs allow you to have such clutter and either don't appreciate them or completely destroy the economy with how much you make from selling them off. It's one of the few things I wish video games wouldn't mimic Dungeons & Dragons on: the inflation of loot and money adventurers get.
  19. Not anymore, no. I realise that I'd end up doing what that famous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 boycott group ended up doing, which filled up with people, err, playing Modern Warfare 2. The forementioned image is basically a meme at this point, its history frequently revised, but it always serves as a reminder of why I don't bother trying too hard when others don't seem that bothered either. Even then, I find most boycotts to be ill thought out and conveniently forget the same things going on in the wider industry, especially when the exact same problems occur in the companies they like.
  20. I can appreciate this mindset, and yes, I do. Failing that I save-scum trying to defeat the threat before the character dies. Going with your example of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I frequently try to defeat the first giant you come across before the Companions do so I don't get scolded and feel welcome for my inevitable joining. But there's all manner of RPGs where I do the same, I just can't quite figure out which ones. They're mostly Elder Scrolls ones though, I can tell you that much. There's a lot of opportunities for this in Spyro the Dragon, where enemies try to trap, chase and eat the fodder which Sparx can use to restore his health. Destroy the trap(per) and the fodder can go on its pre-programmed route oblivious that its life has been saved.
  21. Lords of the Fallen. To say it's a Soulslike, it's incredibly easy to cheese to the point where it's virtual fondue. The number one mistake it makes, indeed one that should be taught in RPG design 101, is that it uses cooldowns for spells. Specifically the healing spells 'Shelter.' You can heal more damage than enemies can dish out save for one early boss in the Graveyard, and the game then simply becomes attrition. Because the game isn't all that great there's not much reason to play any other way. There's no interesting builds, gear progression, or character growth, so you might as well use the build that's guaranteed to win and get you the most achievements. In New Game+ it's the same, except that boss fights go on for far too long because your damage output healing yourself in heavy armour is so low.
  22. Probably Final Fantasy Tactics, which I'd bought more for the name than the style of gameplay. Little did I know how much I'd come to love Strategy Roleplaying Games (SRPG) a decade or so after that one, and how isometric games would play a huge part in deciding what would be one of my all time favourite genres.
  23. This is essentially the academic answer. A developer friend had told me that when he'd seen a video of mine, words along the lines of selling a sensation, not the product itself. Even then I'd find it very difficult to point to what it is I like about certain trailers. Dead Island and most World of Warcraft trailers hit all the right marks, and you'll always have people saying those people should make a movie, without considering of course that writing, recording, producing and editing a two minute trailer or what-have-you is not the same as making a 90 minute feature length film.
  24. No, I don't think so. Publishers have shown for the longest time the "fee-2-pay" model works, wherein you have a free-to-play economy in a paid game. See Call of Duty, for instance, where your Battle Pass tends only to work in the free Warzone mode and the latest (paid) installment, and it's only good value for money when you play both. And with how public the feeding frenzy that is acquisitions has become, it should be concerning who will continue making games for money with more inventive ways of taking it.
  25. Now that you mention it, I really would prefer to play standing more often. I only really play with a keyboard and mouse and my IKEA desk isn't fancy enough to rise or anything (well, unless I fiddle with the knobs under the legs... ooh matron). Should I end up getting Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, then I'll use a controller to play it and I will most certainly be standing every now and again for that one.
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