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  1. I don't know if they can. Putting a winter section in the game where you hunt rabbits is not really something you can add copyright to. The same with the enemies. They just do similar things. So not sure how it would hold up in court. Like, I don't think John Carpenter could prosecute everybody who makes a slasher film, insisting they are blatantly copying his work, because of a similar concept. 

    Capcom will exploit these loopholes any way they can. 

    I don't play a wide range of games, but after I heard what people were saying on YouTube, I discovered gamers had made similar discoveries to my own, further proving they just follow the latest trends. 

  2. In Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (which I will admit, I loved), you go to a dam. Something isn't functioning, so you cannot cross the water. You need to repair something.

    Just about everything else is the same. You use a work bench. There's even a part of the game where you hunt rabbits in the winter, like what Ellie had to do. Since Capcom's game came out in 2015, there's no way people can say they didn't rip off a game that was released only 2 years prior to this, in 2013. 

    The Vulcanblubber is a mini boss and is almost the same as the Bloater, really. There's only a slight difference. Vulcanblubbers launch fireballs, but the Bloaters toss fungal spores as other Infected chase you. After the fight ends, you leave via a window in almost the same position to the left side. So it's certainly copying, as the Afflicted basically are the same as the Infected. Ha-ha.

    Ooh, Capcom! 

  3. How original.


    Ah, so Capcom was copying Gears of War after all! 🤣 

    It's not surprising. Capcom is always copying something. Hell, even RE7 which people claimed was a return to form, just copied scenes from different classic horror movies. So that's not innovative at all.

    But hey - I know just about everybody else out there will constantly defend Capcom. Except people like us, of course! 

  4. Nah. I don't think Capcom can rebound from their past failures. To be honest, these remakes and first person games are probably all they have left. They're also never going to clear up any of the loose ends, like those in games such as RE6. Any game that ends up a failure, they ignore it, but it's still considered to be canon.

    I think Capcom and Konami go hand in hand anyway. Years ago, Konami decided to be stupid and let go of Team Silent. That was truly the end of the Silent Hill franchise, and not just because of their massive falling out with Hideo Kojima, which happened much later on. Yet people seem to think Kojima was the mastermind behind the series from the beginning, when he wasn't. He only worked on one game, where we received nothing more than a demo, for a game that was ultimately cancelled. But Google his name. He is talked about more than Team Silent is. That's rather sad. 

    Of course, that he left, certainly didn't help matters. But Konami were on a slippery slope beforehand. So in a similar way, Shinji Mikami not being with Capcom any more, is why Capcom is free to disgrace it more and more. But really. Konami ruined the series long before Kojima's departure. Capcom's obviously just going with the flow today, and copying everything. Hence their lawsuits.


  5. If anything, they will butcher it, just like the RE3 remake was a disaster. In fact, it's not even really a remake anyway, since they cut out so much of the original game. Just nothing more than another reimagining, half-baked for the sheep that don't understand it's another cash grab.

    However, I do support the idea of improving the shooting and gameplay overall. You know? The aiming in the original is pretty lousy by today's standards. But otherwise, I don't think it needs to be remade. There's some stuff they could change, though. 

  6. Well, RE 3.5 (the early RE4 that got scrapped) was supposedly going to be quite "supernatural" in nature, but I think there was a virus that made you see things, so that was the actual culprit, and not because of real ghosts being a threat. Had they done that, people would have been so irate that a franchise based on science ended up selling out. Was meant to have an invincible Hook Man that pursued Leon as well, and there was living dolls. Something tells me Angie (the living doll in RE8) may have been inspired by that. But RE 3.5 certainly inspired Devil May Cry.

    But anyway, the Van Helsing type BS that Capcom inserted, doesn't belong in RE. I also think RE8's storybook intro was like watching a Tim Burton movie. Not the biggest fan of RE8, as it doesn't feel like a RE game. Even less so than RE7 is, although some of that game was also pretty stupid too, like when that old guy in the marshes finds a metallic, power glove just sitting around, which he uses on his mutated brother in a boxing match. That was so LOL, it was beyond cheesy.

    I get that RE has alway been campy, but I'll always prefer the George Romero feel as opposed to the backwoods, cannibalism crap, and the mould monsters, and everything in RE8. Like when you see Heisenberg becoming a Transformer-ish boss, and you use that massive tank. That entire game is so dumb, it's beyond comprehension as to why fanboys constantly defend it. And for once, people on GameFAQs actually sided with me when I made a thread there to mention how this ridiculous stuff is wrecking the series.

  7. Yeah. People keep reporting on it as if Capcom anounced it were underway, but they haven't even really confirmed anything. On a side note, it seems that the Switch game may not be cancelled, but there just hasn't been an update about the development.

    RE4 isn't even quite 20 years old yet, so I don't see the need to remake it in this much of a hurry. Maybe by 2025 to be in line with when it originally released, but it would make no sense to totally skip over remaking Code: Veronica first. CV after all, is a very important sequel where Chris is reunited with Claire. For the sake of keeping the fans happy, I think not going ahead with it would just muck up everything they've been working hard at. RE4 also has nothing to do with Umbrella's downfall, so maybe this is the time to right some of those wrongs.

    Not that I'm all that keen on the remakes anyway. They are not new storylines. It's merely signs of a company needing to depend on nostalgia driven gamers, who want a new take on something they can never let go of. But really - I'd just recommend playing the classics. Nobody who truly loves retro survival horror titles could care less about the camera angles, the tank controls, the cheesy dialogue, and all the other things people say is old, and needs "updated" and sundry, and hereby, ruined as a result.

  8. Scream

    Oh my God. Absolutely pointless, and feels like a repeat they did as a cash grab. Which of course, isn't surprising. All Hollywood ever does is make a quick buck off of a legacy title. What's sad is, Wes Craven passed away years ago, so they are doing him dirty as well.

    Was not even scared once. How can the same s*** happen to the same people this many times anyway? This suggests they can just keep doing more and more sequels about the same milked to death premise. 

    A large disappointment...





  9. I know, but I am really sceptical about whether they can do any successful remake. They've shown that (with the exception of the first remake from 2002), that they're incapable of even keeping to the source material. 

    When they remade RE1, they kept it the same, but expanded upon the premise in a way that was refreshing, and so that was a decision that was well received. The recent remakes overhauled everything, but then when it happened with both RE2 and 3, people chose only to offer harsh criticism for RE3 only, and not so much RE2.  

    Don't see the necessity in Capcom remaking RE4 when it's already available on pretty much everything as it is. Of course, it could be argued that it has very outdated gameplay, so maybe that's one benefit to bringing it back. But in general, that game isn't even a true survival horror game anyway. They basically turned it into this action adventure game where enemies drop ammo, and you buy weapons from a vendor, which also isn't something that I feel belongs in horror games, because then it's obviously not really coming across as horror. Even the back of the case for the GameCube release says, "Forget survival horror".

    They knew that they put the genre on the guillotine, and just when you thought RE7 was restoring the franchise back to its the roots, RE8 went back to the precise formula people asked to be changed.

    It's surprising how people like RE4. I think it's a good action game, but it has no correlation to anything RE otherwise. I even think RE5 and 6 have a somewhat better connection to RE than 4 does, because of Wesker and the flowers in Africa, which was supposed to be where the T-Virus originated from. But it's a strange fandom. Some of the games that should receive more recognition, simply don't. So you could say RE4 is the one that's praised the most, making it come across as being kind of overrated.

  10. I know. They are total money grabbers. Have been for years, in fact, so why should we complain now?

    Capcom would get more sales by putting it on consoles and handhelds. They do that anyway, but there is a longer wait for consoles for some reason. Seems kind of dopey.

    I even suspect Naughty Dog is gonna go the same route with their remake. And that TV series and director's cut of the second game. Rehashing the same story for multiple mediums. Sure, it could turn out jiffy. But it is relying on the reception of something already established. 

    I think they realized killing off Joel was not wise.

  11. I said to him, that without knowledge of editing and being the king of what you do, nobody gets anywhere on YouTube if they are a novice.

    I ought to know; I've talked openly and honestly about Resident Evil on there for years, and the only attention I ever seem to get is people being a fanny and trolling. So, I don't know what the point in trying is, really. Because it really did occur to me that unless your videos are super fancy-ish and look like they were made on a £1000 budget, no-one cares about your generic vlogs, or you just ranting in front of a camera. That's so 2005.

    YouTube and often online services these days, overall, in 2022, feels pointless instead of being better. Like forums. It's hard to get people to join forums anymore. Whereas back in 2004, even InvisionFree forums had hundreds of active users. To me, I'm sorry to say it, but the golden age of the Internet is long gone. All pretty pixels aside, everything looks stunning, and that's probably why you lie to yourself and say it'll improve. But when you don't get noticed, it's a chore, and just not worth the hassle. Not to mention the people who shill, just to get noticed. That's lying to yourself, and I don't like people who are happy to keep stamping on others to get to the front of the line.

    Google for example, they just had to be idiots and turn off broadcasting on mobiles for anybody under 500 subs. Before the recent change, it was 1000. But even so. Few people want to grow a large channel anyway, and using other apps to bypass that restriction is so frustrating, as they obviously suck and YouTube probably knows people can install Streamlabs and similar apps. And people may have a busy life and just do it as a hobby. But Google has just wrecked it for everyone by incorporating rules, and it's just annoying. About as annoying as moderators on Reddit rejecting posts.

    I don't know. I feel people's pain. The Internet just ain't what it used to be.

  12. Yeah.

    There's concept art about cut content from RE8 with Ada wearing a mask, and one thing that was left out is an appearance by Ada Wong (the spy from RE2, 4, etc). So it's possible that due to popular demand, she may be in the game. But I honestly don't know how her just showing up at random to assist the player makes sense.

    In RE4, yeah, she just showed up and helped Leon, but her mission was deeper than that, to procure a Las Plagas specimen. So I don't really like how Capcom is just inserting classic characters into these dumbass storylines, because it makes zero sense. Like in RE7, you never see any iconic characters until the very end. But to me, it felt made up. For fan service, really. But it's not very well structured. Because Ethan was the main character in an already disjointed sequel. They cart him off, so you can play Chris instead. But I think RE8 may be doing the same things.

  13. Did y'all have a great start to 2022? 😇 

    I happened to see this the other day...



    Oh, and this. Do gimme! Although I think there should have been a follow up with different characters, rather than a full remake. Although in terms of quality, you can depend on Naughty Dog, as Capcom is inclined to just whore out the same trash.


  14. Pre-Destruction




    RE: Outbreak

    RE: Outbreak #2 (technically just an expansion)


    These are the only good spin off games that feature Raccoon City...


    Because we also received this nonsense, too...

    Resident Evil (first movie, with Alice in the city near the end)

    RE: Operation Raccoon City

    RE: Apocalypse (2nd RE movie, by Paul Anderson)

    Umbrella Corps (****ing online multiplayer trash!)

    RE: Degeneration (first released animated movie, with a flashback) 

    RE2 remake

    RE3 remake

    The Ghost Survivors (DLC in RE2)

    Resident Evil: Resistance (DLC in RE3)

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021 movie reboot)

    Resident Evil (New Netflix series, but not sure of its name, although it may just be simply "Resident Evil")

    *I probably shouldn't bother adding any DLC. But... yeah. It's sad how Capcom keeps milking Raccoon City, and soon to be RE4, and no doubt other games... 😛

    So there you have it. It's a case of Capcom ripping off other games and films for their sequels, that are not related to Raccoon City. But basically, this is all they keep on doing. So if they are ever to well and truly move things ahead, they need to stop going back to 1998. Because I don't care how popular the old games are. Just play those said old games, and don't buy the new crap that is being made, because Capcom is only interested in receiving your hard earned dosh... 

  15. Today I'm gonna party like it's 1999. 

    At least RE was still scary then. That's also the year Capcom destroyed Raccoon City in the canon. Well, it was in 1998 in the story, but RE3 was released in 1999.

    Rather than moving on, they've revisited Raccoon City countless times. That wouldn't be such a bad thing, if the various mediums were good. Besides maybe the Outbreak games, I have struggled to understand why people like the remakes, as they changed the story. And they cannot keep saying RE2 is better than 3, as they are both just as guilty of changing everything from the originals.

  16. Well, in the UK, we have a shop simply called Game. However, my local Game was turned into a Savers. This is likely because people buy things online now, but I think there's still a branch at Fort Kinnaird, which is also local to myself. 

    For DVDs, I used to love going to the big HMV on Princes Street. Unfortunately, it closed down years ago, so now there's really only Fopp on Rose Street, besides cash in hand shops dotted about all over. But Fopp has categories, making it easier to browse through them. I'm sure HMV owns Fopp as a subsidiary. But HMV still has a site.

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