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  1. I wonder if they're going to have Ada's red dress as an unlockable. In my opinion, she should have had it from the start anyway, and the combat outfit should have been an extra costume.

    They're totally changing up her character.

  2. The RE4 remake is due out in March, and already I am seeing rumours that there will be microtransactions...

    Uh, can I have a quiet wee word, Capcom? 🤭

    Like for example, in the original RE4 you could use a red beam on your guns to aim at enemies. But it seems that you're now going to have to buy this feature. So I would not be surprised if you have to buy your German Suplex counter move as well. 😆

    In all seriousness, that's rather shoddy. 🤑

  3. I'm excited for Alan Wake II. I played the first one years ago, when I still owned my Xbox 360. I never finished it. It was very hard. But it was not really a true horror game. This is seemingly going to change for the sequel...

  4. [i]Lady in White[/i]. It's about a boy who is locked in a closet by bullies. He then sees the ghost of a little girl, who was murdered.

    I actually find that I often struggle to finish films these days. I get easily bored.

  5. The other night, I watched Student Bodies. It's a funny parody of the slasher genre. The killer is called "The Breather" and constantly walks up steps, standing on chewing gum stuck to them. 🤭

    Whenever somebody dies, there's a 'kill count' that pops up on the screen. 

  6. That's sad news about Kevin. I mind of watching the animated series when I was a youngster.

    The figures were cool. I remember I had Killer Croc with a little green crocodile that you could attach to one of his hands. Clayface shot out a mace spike by pressing his stomach. I ended up trading it for a broken Mr. Freeze figure with a mate. 😁

  7. I watched Annihilation with Natalie Portman yesterday.

    It didn't make much sense, but it was still entertaining. It's about women who go inside a forcefield looking thing that's called a Shimmer. Turns out several men went there before, including the partner of Portman, who she found earlier in a flashback, behaving all strange.

    Some extraterrestrial lifeform mimics you. There's also a pretty messed up looking bear that launches an attack while a member of the group has turned suspicious and tied up the other survivors in a house. She runs outside because she hears her seemingly dead friend's voice shouting for help. Then the bear strikes. 🐻

    Michael Does Life wouldn't have had a chance. 😄

  8. Hostel. And the sequels it has. 🙀

    It's about two guys who go to Amsterdam hoping to get laid. What they don't know is that rich people in the villa pay good money to see folk getting tortured and killed by their hands. This all occurs in this place where you get a private room.

    The women are there to trick outsiders into being captured. Clients are then expected to kill their subjects.  

    All of the films have sickening levels of sadism. 👹

  9. I am gonna miss not seeing Sly back as his legendary character, Rocky Balboa. Otherwise, I think it's gonna be another hard hitting, motion picture experience. 

  10. What sites have the best data on record for the dates 15 March to 16 August, 2020? 

    I think this time period was most likely unofficial and ignored by the NME, etc.

    Trolls World Tour was apparently number one for ages, yet it's not even listed on Box Office Mojo as such. 


  11. Yes. 

    Yesterday, I watched the masterpiece that is Psycho. The ending where the psychologist is describing Norman Bates is a hoot. The sequels are good too, but I don't get how he was released from the asylum again after 3, as 4 depicts him talking to people on a radio show about his demons. Unless the third film is ignored. It's not clear. 

    I don't know how they could release him once, let alone repeatedly.

  12. I like snooker as well. I used to play it in a venue called the Ball Room. But it's harder than pool. 

    If you trail too far behind in points, you have to make your opponent carry out fouls, then attempt to pocket the balls in a certain order, ending with the black ball, which is worth 7 points. The table is massive too.

  13. It's just who's behind the games. Their other projects weren't exactly a success. 

    One of them released an adventure game about a cat lost in a city. But it's just a storyboard type of thing. Not a game in that traditional sense. 

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