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  1. LOL. I do run into some real funny buggers online sometimes... I went on the RE wiki, on Fandom. I made a post stating my opinions about the remakes, and this first person jive. Then this guy replied 7 or so times, with dumb points, but whatever. It's just their counter thoughts, I suppose, so it wasn't like I was gonna start flaming anybody for anything they said, as fans of a franchise probably like a series for different reasons, and I'm fine with that provided they can display civility. Then after I answered him, I talked about how I think Naughty Dog did a better job than Capcom, with their The Last of Us games, just because of their overall presentation. Also mentioned a few YouTubers who stated that they really didn't enjoy RE8 that much, and he thought they were the same user, despite sounding absolutely NOTHING alike. They're just both black guys. 😄 Basically had the dude implying I was trolling, or not answering him properly, so he took his ball and left the thread. I was like, never again will I waste my time on any more Internet radge pots. But to be honest, I've wanted to quit dumbass forums like that for a while, as they can start to affect your mental health. Although I guess a severe lack of activity elsewhere just made me want to test the waters by going back there to post something. But I mean, nah. It's really not worth the bother anymore. 😣
  2. I forgot the woman's name, who had her father turning into a lycanthrope. But I remember people thought she was one of the main characters, only to be killed off in the burning house. Not sure if they would do story DLC for villagers, since they died anyway. But it will probably be about Chris going to the BSAA in Europe, to find the staff were replaced by bioweapons. Or something like that. 😆
  3. Well, that's 2021 about ready to close out. So I hope Capcom has some update on the DLC in a month, or so.
  4. Once I find my AV to HDMI switcher, I may go and play some old survival horror games like RE2 again, really soon. It's been ages... :)
  5. Lady Dimitrescu wishes us all a Merry Christmas, and a great start to 2022. 🙂 I'd just like Capcom to announce the DLC soon... 😄
  6. I know. LOL. This is the same company that apparently said they get concepts for their remakes from Wikipedia. WIKIPEDIA! They're kidding, right? *Shakes my head in disgust. 🤭
  7. Capcom claims that RE8 has more action after "complaints" of 7 being too scary. That's utter nonsense. RE4 is not even that scary. I know RE8 is almost a scene for scene repeat of that game's story anyway. They made it practically identical to attract more sales. To their credit, I guess they were quite successful. But I think 4 is much more enjoyable than 8, or 5 slightly, and certainly way more than 6 and 7.
  8. In 2017, they were going to release the bulk of the DLC in March. Not a Hero and End of Zoe. For some reason, they messed up what they were working on, and ended up delaying most of it until December that year. So I reckon the RE8 stuff will probably be available by Easter, at the latest. I'm just guessing here, going off of the 9 months we waited some 4 years ago. Seems odd to release DLC for a game that released back in May, almost a year later... I wish RE8 was more of a true sequel to 7, in that it continued the story with the Connections, and why Lucas Baker was going to betray them. But I guess it was a continuation, for Ethan. But everything with Chris just feels like it's there so it's still able to be called RE. Because, really. Chris being in the games now, is just something tacked on so that any long term fans will still enjoy seeing primary heroes as side characters, even if the plot is like dog muck. But honestly, if he didn't show up, I don't believe that people would really purchase RE games for some faceless main character like this Ethan Winters. Plus, we all miss Roger Craig Smith as Chris. I don't like the fact they hired the guy who did Carlos in RE3 to voice Chris, as he sounds absolutely nothing like how Chris was speaking before.
  9. Nope. Sorry. Absolutely yada so far. Several State of Play events have came and went over the months. Yet nothing about the DLC they initially revealed at E3 has been confirmed. Although Capcom didn't specify what it was going to be about. So my guess is as good as anybody's.
  10. Chris doesn't trust them in RE7. But I think he was really only in that game for the fan service anyway. I thought the story in that game was a little 'off' to me. Chris spent the whole franchise with Jill, opposing Umbrella. If he is being screwed over, I think Chris would know never to associate with the name in general. It doesn't help that Capcom makes up a new storyline for every sequel, so that everything feels disjointed. Chris hardly even feels like the same character anymore.
  11. I think the DLC will be about Chris investigating why the BSAA sent bioweapons into the village. He talked a little about that near the end of RE8. So they could possibly focus on that. Of course, they added a plot twist with the Connections in RE7, and completely overlooked that in RE8. But it's possible that this Blue Umbrella is just fooling Chris. Because I don't know if I believe they've truly rebranded themselves as the good guys. I mean, it's Umbrella. Why would they be different?
  12. I hope they announce the DLC soon. The game has been out for 7 months. 🤗
  13. The game does have impressive voice acting. But in general, it's not one of the better sequels in the series. I don't know what to make of the time jump at the end. Would Rosemary being a teenager not make Chris like, 19 years older? Unless she ages quicker because of the mould. But that epilogue has me thinking Ethan came back, somehow.
  14. In the UK, the event didn't end until like, 4 AM. 🤕 At least we had Alan Wake II announced. From the brief trailer, I can say that it looks intertesting. But I never really got into the first game. I have it for the Xbox 360, but I just never had my 360 replaced after it died on me.
  15. I'm kind of surprised that RE8 lost, but it wasn't really Game of the Year material in the eyes of many, as they just didn't do a worthy follow up to RE7. I'm not a big fan of RE7, but it was great that Capcom finally got the message that fans like having the old school survival horror feel back, after the long slew of run and gun ones like RE4, 5 and 6. But RE8 was just a cash grab to hype up the RE4 remake, that I suspect will be trash and nothing like the original. Now I just hope that the unconfirmed DLC for RE8 won't be about Lady Dimitrescu, because of Maggie Robertson claiming the only RE8 themed award last night. But they were very keen on plugging her character when the game was going to be released in the first place. But I suppose since she ended up being a relatively minor antagonist, they may not bother focusing so much on her any longer. But still. They've got to show something about it soon, and that RE: Verse too. I like the Silent Hill hint that this guy said during the event. He mentioned loving the art direction. Then he said: "I hope we get another one of those!" 😋 Seems he could secretly know something...
  16. Well... Resident Evil Village didn't win! 😆
  17. Yet more Silent Hill teases. 😜 Oh yeah. I actually fell for it, too. 🙄
  18. So far, Maggie Robertson has won the Best Character award for her role as Alcina Dimitrescu. How typical. 😝 Oh, and Alan Wake II was announced for 2023. 😍
  19. Thanks. I may just do that. 😆 The Game Awards is tomorrow, so do you think RE8 will win this year? 🤤 I mean, what is it going up against anyway?
  20. Well, they say Rosemary Winters is meant to be the true form of Eveline. So they did leave it off with an interesting note. Still hardly feels anything like RE, though. LOL. They've changed up these games so much, that if you didn't notice the title, you could be forgiven for thinking it's not a RE game. Capcom also knows that they need fish bait, so they use iconic characters like Chris as the fish bait. We went from zombies to villagers, to mould. And RE6 had a guy turning into a dinosaur at one point. Not that RE6 is by any means great, but at least the game resembled RE way more than 7 and 8. Capcom, are you guys crazy over there? 🤔
  21. I'll have more to say, after Capcom confirms the DLC. Right now, I'm at a loss of what to contribute. Feels like I've exhausted myself. 😀 To be honest, I hardly ever play games anymore. I would, if there was something good to play. But it's a nuisance playing old consoles on a HDMI televsion, as they don't easily work with AV cables. Not got much room either, as I have a lot of boxes. But yeah. These modern RE games are bogus. Although I actually really like Revelations 2. If Capcom wanted to do more games like that, anything has to be better than this nonsense with Ethan Winters, AKA the guy you never see.
  22. While I wasn't really a big fan of RE7 either, I was a bit curious about the DLC called Not a Hero, that mentioned a new organisation called the Connections. Yet RE8 mentions none of that stuff whatsoever. It doesn't even seem like Capcom cares enough about it. Capcom has this really annoying habit of 'drip feeding' plot aspects into every new game, taking forever to reach any real conclusion. It's almost like holding a juicy carrot in front of a donkey, so you stay tuned for what really ends up being another cliffhanger. It's so boring. But at least Chris looks like Chris from RE6, because his redesign in 7 made people think it wasn't even really supposed to be Chris. I don't know. I think they're just continuing a dull story that won't go anywhere. I honestly hate how they've left Jill out of the series since 2009, not including remakes and spin off games that predate the events of RE5. And now the ending to RE8 suggests Ethan may still be alive. He apparently approaches the car that Rosemary is in.
  23. Precisely. What will Capcom do when they cannot make any more crappy remakes? Remake the remake, and do it as another third person shooter? Seriously. If they ever touch the RE1 remake, I'll have to overcome my fear of flying, head to Japan, and infiltrate Capcom HQ. 😆 Of course, a lot of people forget that the Chronicles games were actually created as semi-remakes, so meh. But it just shows that they have nothing left, in terms of creativity. They feel awfully stifled. So I know that's why they are remaking so much shite, year after year. They really wouldn't be doing that if they had enough ideas going forward. But I mean, they add in throwaway villains in every game now, so it's obvious that they are just thinking up new ways of doing filler games. Also, I agree with this guy 110% here. Just who wrote the plot for RE8? It's trash, and makes no sense. 😑
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