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  1. I don't know about you guys but the exellent Sonic mania plus released in 2018 is probably the closest 10/10 sonic game you're going to get i don't know why it's never being brought up in a sonic thread maybe people forgot about it or just diden't care at the time. Go play it, it's the best sonic game since the megadrive/genesis days. Personally i find a lot of sonic games better then most people make them out to be, sonic generations is an exellent entry in the series and i've enjoyed my time with it. Sonic lost worlds on the wii u is also a decent entry in the series but sadly it's stuck on a console nobody owned or played, sonic boom i don't know what to think it's mediocre at best. Sonic colours on the wii was also exellent imo, the ds version is even better so that is the one to get. I know sonic 06 and unleashed are terrible games and righly deserve to be slammed on. For every good sonic game you get 3 mediocre to bad games, people including myself just have lost faith in the sonic franchise over the years. As mentioned in this thread before me, who in the year 2022 is waiting on a new sonic game? From the comments i've seen so far at various gaming news site surely not a whole lot of people. To me sonic was always about running as fast as possible from point a to point b, i don't know man the platform ( that isen't from nintendo )genre may sort of making a comeback these days but i doubt sonic frontiers is probably going to be remembered as a game that helped reviving it. It's like nobody at sega has a clue what to do with the sonic franchise, my advice go back to the drawing board with sonic frontiers and turn it into a full open world rpg instead of a platformer or whatever it is now, mario can get away with several rpg's, why not sonic.
  2. That would be a no brainer for me and it's hiking and preferable in the middle of nowhere because it's the most relaxing experience you can have after a stressfull day or week at work all the negative thoughts and stress are gone by the time you're done hiking, wheter going alone or with friends it doesen't really matter it's the next best hobby to have besides gaming well in my oppinion that is.
  3. Probably in the arcade when playing super street fighter 2 beating M.Bison with just a fraction of health left like one kick or puch would have defeated me but it diden't happen it was also the first and only time i managed to beat street fighter in the arcade. 10 year old me felt like a boss for weeks.
  4. Looks like i won't be getting any more mail this month, think i've done an okay job in june not a ton of stuff for my doing but you know beggars can't be choosers. Got 2 of the rarest japanese 360 games knocked of the list and added a console i've been after for a while. I'll admit i kinda went overboard with bargain hunting for current gen stuff, what can i say i'm a sucker for a good deal and if stores slash their prices on a ton of games, this sucker will scoop up the things he has been holding off until they went on sale. Some games keep being brought up here like hades and ghostrunner so i'm kinda curious if they are as good as some of you claim. If you ask me what the rarest japanese xbox 360 game is,hands down it's going to be Bandfuse rock legends, i've been collecting japanese 360 stuff for a couple of years now and never seen it for sale once, i was starting to doubt that it even existed, low and behold a store on Yahoo japan shopping had a brand new one for sale with just a stock photo as picture for a decent price, i decided to take my changes and bought it and i'm glad i did turned out it exists. Disney fantasia is also one of the rarest 360 releases as it was the last kinect game released in japan, also came from that same seller. Also yeah another console lol, Fist of the north star is my favourite anime of all time, so i had to get this special edition ps3 one way or the other. A seller on yahoo auctions japan was offering a brand new one for what i found a decent price, the guy was also nice enough to include a guidebook for the game. It's never been out of the box, like i'm i ever going to use it or take it out of the box probably not. Is it a waste of money absolutly but what isen't a waste of money these days. That's it for this month.
  5. Hell yeah cheats were a big deal back in the day, especially during the ps1/saturn/n64 area cheats toke up atleast 15 pages in the back of gaming magazines. I did buy quite a few of those cheat books (well my parents did ) usually they were the size of a bible and had pretty much any game covered you could imagine, pretty sure if i look into my parents attic i'll be able to find them again as i kept all my magazines from over the years, what can i say i can't get rid of shit to the point it may become a problem lol. These days i meanly would use cheats on older games i get, just to see what it has to offer or just to fuck around with the game a bit.
  6. Most of the games with gold that are digital only, i tend to keep on my harddrive aslong as possible since most likely a few them have been delisted already, well that is modern gaming for you. Same with the xbox 360 stuff i got for free over the years i keep on my harddrive even if i have no intention of playing the games. The problem with current gen consoles is that harddrives are so small like 1 Tb is just not enough, you are forced to start deleting stuff to make room for something else or move it to an external Hdd. Wherest with a 250gb 360 slim model you can install pretty much anything you want and keep it on there for future preservation.
  7. Oh man where do i even start i've played some really strange and fucked up (japanese) shit in my life. LSD dream emulator -> Released on the ps1 in japan only, this is kind of a pre historic walking simulator where your environment chages all the time, it's probably the weirdest games i've ever played. Sadly it has become quite sought after the years making it very expensive, needless to say since the ps1 is region locked you're going to have the right system to play it on. I believe you can get it for cheap on the japanese ps store but no idea how that even works. Mister Mosquito -> Released on the ps2 Yep you've guessed it you play as mosquito, the game is made out of several stages where your goal is to terrorize a family and suck blood from them. It was quite a unique game for the time since you had some open inviroments where you could reach the goals in any order you wanted. Bee simulator -> A more recent game from a couple of years ago, i really enjoyed it, it's obviously more aimed at children but you know flying around as a bee in an open world it never gets old, sadly it only takes a couple of hours to beat but if you want a relaxing experience this is one you should check out. PuLiRuLa -> Another japanese exclusive, a beat em up this time, i'm not going to go into detail too much as hg101 has an exellent review of it alongside some quality pictures. The Good Life -> Released last year, it's a game by swery65 (of deadly premonition fame) i've only played a little bit of it but can be classified as weird and it's easily avaible on current gen consoles. You play the role as a reporter who has to investigate an english country side village, where the villagers can transform into a cat or dog, not long after you can also transform into a pet, alongside the wacky cast it's probably one of the weirdest games to come out in 2021. Like i said i need to play more of the game to give so i can give a more decent impression. There are several others that could be mentioned like seaman, cho aniki series, katamari damacy, octodad, catherine and untitled goose game as I've already raved enough about deadly premonition in the past i've decided not to included it here. Otherwise that one would take my top spot of weird fucked up japanese games and it's also the best horror games ever made.
  8. couple of things that bother me more then it should : -> People calling you out that you are addicted to videogames where in turn they watch the most stupid shit imaginable on tv. -> People calling fries -> french fries, my god as a proud belgian where fries are cultural heritage almost like a second religion please stop doing that for that i thank you in advance. -> Getting outbid/sniped on ebay or yahoo japan, i've learned to get over it as i grew older and i've became more relaxed about it but it still pisses me off to lose out in the final seconds. -> Jehovah's Witnesses coming preaching at my door, like i give a damn. they came knockingt wice this week, how many times do i have to say i don't give a fuck about religion. -> impatient people who are cutting in line because lets face it it's just annoying and rude to do. -> Spam posting on vgr.com -> Fucking Fortnite that is everywhere these days
  9. It's been about a week that i have not played any videogames which feels actually suprisingly good, can't say i even miss playing video games at this moment. It is also a personal milestone that proves that i am not addicted to videogames which some of the people around me acussed me of. I got a lot of stuff done during that 7 day period that i've been putting off for like forever which i'm happy about. Finally got around building some new shelves for my gameroom and moved a chunck of my collection out of my parents place which in turn i've been putting off for a couple of years because i was too lazy to build some decent shelves. I've done some spring cleaning, re-arranged my attic, etc. Hell yeah i finally feel like a real adult. Now if you'll excuse me *pushes submit reply button and turns on console*
  10. Short answer : No i don't have any pets. Long answer : I'd love to have a dog but i feel like currently i woulden't be able to give it the love, care and attention a pet would deserve. I work nights and sleep in 2 parts once a couple of hours during the day and a couple of hours in the evening before i go to work. I don't want to keep a dog that has to sit around home alone 2/3 of the day because i don't have time for it, it just doesen't feel right to me.
  11. There's a couple i can think of that would be great : Amsterdam would be a cool one for a change, a city with so many lore and history, needless to say it's quite a beautiful city that would probably work best if it's set into the years 1588-1672 during the Dutch golden age. The entire Nagano Prefecture in japan would also be a good one for a racing game, narrow mountain passes for touge racing combined with beautiful nature and ancient japanese architecture for a relaxing experience, you could do a lot worse as a setting for a forza horizon game. If we think outside the box the Nagano Prefecture would be an awesome place for just about any open world game, why not a farming game with exploration and management elements. A life simulator where you are on vacation and can do various activities and go explore the area with the moto the days are yours go do something fun and relaxing something ala the Boku no Natsuyasumi series.
  12. It be stupid to release a limited editon console when it's damn near impossible for people to just get a regulair version at normal retail price. Because you know these limited editions would most likely be scooped up like crazy by scalpers and in turn being offered on the secondary market for twice the price and that would anger/dissapoint people even more who really just want to have a ps5.
  13. I had to google what the "less than the sum of it's parts" means and i'm still not 100% sure what it means exactly but i'll try to do my best to cover a few games combined over a couple of posts. I apologize in advance that It may not be as in depth or as good as @Withywarlock posts but the least i can do is help out and keep this thread alive. Let's start with an obvious choice : Mafia III ( Hangar 13/2k games 2016 ) Mafia series has always been a favourite of mine, albeit the first 2 games are mosly linear in an open world city as there is little to no exploration possible in both games. The strength in both games were always the story, fun and varied missions, great likeable characters you know the sorta things you expect from a mafia game. Mafia 3 takes another route by going full blown open world because that is what all the games tend to to these days but boy in my humble oppinion New bordeaux is still one of the best open worlds to mess around with it, it's bursting with life, different communities in different disctricts, the 60 ies atmosphere shines trough and trough and you really feel like you are into late 60 ies. The story is top notch and has great production value, if you haven't played it i'm not going into details about the story, but's all about revenge and you're pretty much a man army kinda like a 60 ies John rambo. There are some really likeable characters like Donovan and that priest who's name eludes me sadly just to name a few. However the main character Lincoln Clay is as boring and generic as possibly can be, this is the first thing of critique that stands in the way of the game being a modern classic as you never feel really connected to the main character. Musicwise you'll get greeted by jimmy hendrix on the title screen so you just know it coulden't get any better then this. Killing dudes on the tunes of Creedence clearwater revival, the animals or even the rolling stones it never gets old. Just look at the sountrack and judge for yourself. Let's talk about the exellent combat it's brutal and there is a real sense of satisfaction when you kill everybody the stealth way with a rambo-esque knife, the gameplay is top notch, pretty much your cover/shoot affair nothing wrong with that. Guns handle well and each feel unique to handle. The cars feel heavy they way it should be and the handling is one of the better i've seen in open world games. There are some of greatest collectibles i've seen in any video game like album covers, playboy centerfolds, hot rod magazine you know items you would go out of your way to get. Now here is where "are less than the sum of it's parts" is in place. The whole premise of the game is to take over new bordeaux district by district, things you have done a million times already in ubisoft games. Not only that but the missions are repetitive and are just plain boring after a while and you just force yourself to continue playing because of the great story. You go on all this effort to make 90% of the game a potential modern classic just to was it all with these boring activities and missions why oh why hangar 13. I haven't played any of the mafia III dlc so this is just the base game i'm talking about. Also it's been a while like 5+ years since i played the game so apoligies if i forgot to cover anything in particulair, since this was the first title that came to my mind, figured i'd give it a go.
  14. Nintendo does it all the time when they sucked the wii u dry of it's exclusives and nobody seemed to mind that and nintendo knows damn well they can get away with it because nintendo fans happily open their wallets and pay full price again. I personally don't mind it aslong it's priced accordingly and it has all the dlc incluced on the disc but even then i'll probably hold off until it goes on sale.
  15. Gaming wise probably donating 1500$ to the shenmue 3 kickstarter campaign, if only i had known how the game would have turned out in the end i woulden't have kickstarted so much money but ohwell. Other then gaming spending 500 bucks on an ipad that i've used maybe a handfull of time before giving it to my dad who in turn got hooked on the damn thing.
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