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  1. Wait, there's a Switch called the Leaf? I was talking about how leaves are animated in WRC games. Sorry about the confusion.
  2. I like the Switch's graphics. Maybe the leaf definition could be better when it comes to trees, but other than that it's good.
  3. The best thing about rally games is seeing lands that you may never get to see in person and playing with cars that aren't for sale in your nation's market.
  4. WRC 9. Before that it was GT6. Lately in GT6 I've been kind of addicted to the '67 El Camino SS. I have a bunch of different colors and aerodynamic features. Each one costs 30,000 game credits to buy and it doesn't take me that long to earn 30,000. I'm considering re-visiting NBA Live '03 soon.
  5. Yeah, but I was talking about spoiler angle to change the down-force.
  6. I feel like there is less customization in 9. You can't change spoiler angle or ride height like you could in 8.
  7. Thanks. I just remembered another difference between 8 and 9. You have more options of places they could send you on maintenance days in 9.
  8. I have. The Rally Sweden rules. I'm also good at Portugal. I like Sardinia, but I'm not as good as I used to be there. I've also been devolving in Finland. They changed the stage routes and I like the old ones better. Germany is tough, but it was tough in WRC 8 also. Wales has been good to me, I've improved at it. Another thing that I've noticed is that my car only gets body and lighting damage. Vital systems like the engine and transmission are nearly indestructible in WRC 9. I'll keep you guys informed on more differences between 8 and 9 as they come up.
  9. Thanks. Next time I receive a penalty I'll check if the letters and numbers are all in the same color.
  10. Yeah, I think I pulled a covering off.
  11. Nevertheless, this isn't as bad as the glitch I had in WRC 8 where I couldn't access my in game e-mails anymore.
  12. I only play my Switch as a handheld. The other figures are in the white letters and numbers like they are supposed to be.
  13. A game glitch that I've noticed is that my penalties aren't displayed in bright enough numbers on the leader board between stages. This gets annoying when I'm trying to beat the objective on penalty times and the number is hard to see. It's a minor grievance though.
  14. I find 9 easier to play. I guess the improved handling physics make me think that. I laugh whenever I get to a higher series and a woman's voice tells me what to do, but the illustration is of a bearded guy. Just another thing I've noticed.
  15. It could also be the game developers honoring a legendary car model on its way out. Also, I've found another difference between WRC 8 and 9. In 8 one can only reach experience level 50. You can reach level 60 in 9.
  16. Maybe I did have the '99 version. It had a Seat Ibiza on the cover if that helps.
  17. I want to say that it was the '99 game, but why did it still have a Ford Escort? The final European model year of the Escort was '98. I think the game was a few years old when my uncle gave it to me in '06 or so.
  18. Since I've bought two WRC games in one year I figure my next move will be another British rally game. I wonder if Mark Higgins still competes in British rally.
  19. Twisted 4 was probably the easiest Twisted game to play.
  20. 989 Studios. Didn't they make Twisted Metal 4?
  21. That would be WRC 8. I played a British rally game before that and used rally cars that showed up in GT games before that.
  22. I've played Lego Racers in the past. It's likeable enough, but it gets hard quickly.
  23. GT6. I'll get back to playing WRC 9 soon. Maybe tomorrow, but for now I'm enjoying the Lotus Elise Type 72 in GT6.
  24. I used to play Mobil 1 British Rally Championship on my PC. My uncle found a copy near where he lives and shipped it to me. It was a few years old when I got it around '06 or so. I think it was one of the final rally games ever to have a Ford escort in it as brand new car so the game must have came out in '98 or '99.
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