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  1. Some of my luckier experiences have been winning GT races with a really under powered car.
  2. I feel bad if I hit fans standing by the side of the road in WRC 8.
  3. NBA Live '05. Like I've said in other topics the game is hard in any mode other than easy. In easy you can have my basketball IQ and still win regularly. In any mode harder than that, you had better have the basketball IQ of Phil Jackson, then man who coached Jordan and later Kobe.
  4. I play games either to challenge myself or for comfort food. WRC 8 is a challenge. I've had it for almost four months now and my best finishes are a few 3rd place finishes in the Rally Sweden. GT6 is more comfort food, I've had it for years, it has a ton of Chevys and I enjoy it and am very good at it. Twisted 2 is comfort food and a challenge all wrapped into one game. Then there are games that are mindless fun like Taxi Cab Pinball for the PS1.
  5. I regret uninstalling Encarta '03 from my '08 Dell computer. I know it's not a game but still. I won't uninstall my Hoyle games suite. Without that games suite that computer would be useless by now.
  6. I'm normally into tattooed black women, but Grasshopper is awesome.
  7. I feel bad when I kill Grasshopper in Twisted Metal 2. I can't stand when great looking women get killed.
  8. I think mine still works, but I haven't used it in a while.
  9. WRC 8. This season I'll be racing the Bauhaus VW Polo. It's a great looking car that I've always wanted to try out. I believe the real drivers name was Ole Christian Velby.
  10. I'll say this, I find GT games a lot easier to play than WRC games or British rally games. In GT you can buy mods for your car. Rally games are about cutting down on the amount of errors you'll make.
  11. I miss owning cars. I need to get my next job first. The latest GT game I've played is 6, I'm into WRC 8 for now.
  12. I live on the American East Coast here in Virginia. I used to have two Chevys, but not at the same time. Jobs are scarce in Virginia, at least the doable ones are. Either that or I'm always being held to a higher standard than others. That's why I have no car right now.
  13. Oh, I'm not talking about soccer. I'm talking about WRC 8, a game about the World Rally Championship in motorsports.
  14. Yeah and it's not as messed up as the NBA where Dwight Howard demanded his coach Stan Van Gundy be fired about 13 years ago and he got his wish. And then Howard left Orlando anyway.
  15. Console shortages stink. I like to see people get what they really want.
  16. I don't play NASCAR Dirt to Daytona too much anymore because after winning 1,084 races in career mode all they showed was two Fords crashing. After winning 1,084 races they should show me a better illustration. Maybe a slideshow of great events from real life racing history would be better.
  17. I could easily see myself getting a Switch 2 in 2025 or 2026. I would buy one sooner, but I don't buy consoles very often. I'm also not an early adopter. I love my current Switch Oled and am really into the one game I own for it WRC 8. I'm only restating a lot of this because there seems to be a lot of new members here.
  18. Yeah, I'll have to learn Pay Pal. You guys give awesome advice.
  19. Cool. I'm saving up for another car though. If my parents keep both their cars I won't need one. If they sell one I may have to buy one of my own again.
  20. What I don't get is when I get fired after a solid top ten finish.
  21. No, I've been getting fired. If I could finish two positions better per rally it might not happen.
  22. I've only gotten through one season without getting fired early, but as my skills improve that should change.
  23. I wonder what the gaming magazines of the era thought about Live '98. I'll have to do a Google search.
  24. I don't have a credit card. Can you use E-bay with a debit card? I honestly don't know.
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