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  1. The best part of my day day is gaming, or reading, or if I see a cool old car out in public.
  2. Well he did get taken out of power by Sweettooth in Twisted 4, but then the franchise acted like that didn't happen. Or are you asking if Calypso will go to Hell when he dies?
  3. You're right, but I was just talking about the strength of his special.
  4. I think it would be fun to have a barber simulation and shave people's heads.
  5. Yeah, but he's even scarier in Twisted 4.
  6. I was playing Tiger handheld games and cheap PC games at age 7.
  7. When you play as Sweettooth in Twisted 4 you can maybe even kill someone with just one special. I feel powerful to an incredible degree.
  8. The only make I haven't been teamed up with yet is Toyota.
  9. WRC 8. I've just re-joined Skoda.
  10. Calypso from the Twisted Metal games. I mean people risk their lives and kill others just to win this contest and he messes up their hopes and dreams on purpose. That's pretty evil.
  11. I like to game alone unless I'm facing cousins, so that would stink.
  12. I like gaming, auto racing, cars, metal, psych rock, blues, country, rap, European architecture and sports.
  13. I used to do that on earlier GTs. The only reason I re-played GT6 is that my first PS3 crashed at 99% game completion. On my second PS3 I completed GT6. I later got my first PS3 working again.
  14. Yeah and I watch old rally footage to improve at rallying. I especially love the late '80's. I know that the Group B era was over, but it still was a fun era with great talent.
  15. I completed GT6 years ago, now I just have to re-collect 150 more cars to get back up to 500.
  16. Thanks for the info Heatman. Honestly since I've played about 70 seasons, I've got my monies worth and I really don't mind how much I payed.
  17. The timing and scoring displays don't look right to be GT2, but that S2000 looks well animated, I want that game.
  18. I never played Sport. I'd like to know more about why it's an insult to the series.
  19. Do we know what made the price so abnormally high? What would I have paid this month?
  20. GT6. I raced my Chevelle LS6 and an '86 Celica with front wheel drive.
  21. I'll try to get a picture when I get the Chevy in GT6.
  22. Thanks Boblee, I need some chassis repair for my GT40, then I'll save up for another NASCAR Chevy.
  23. Top priority would either be one of the NASCAR Chevys or the '62 Buick as I'm a Chevy/ GM fan. I also really want back Jay Leno's custom Olds Toronado. I don't know of the Colorado Springs track, it must be new for GT7.
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