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  1. I got the Switch working again and can give first impressions of the game now. WRC 9 is obviously going to be a lot like 8, but there are minor differences. Citroen is no longer in the top division and the loading icon is a steering wheel now. I still would want better leaf definition when it comes to graphics, but all in all I'm happy with graphics. A new addition to the game is the WRC 3 class of rally car. I'm still in Junior WRC so I'll have to tell you what WRC 3 class is like when I get there. 9 is also easier than 8, you're not doomed just because you're playing on Expert difficulty. If you do play on Expert you probably want to be experienced with racing games, but that goes without saying. I love the game so far.
  2. I'm having more problems with my Switch now. When I try to press A to get into either of my two games it won't do it. If I press the down arrow three times I enter the screen that would let me into the game if I press A one more time, but since A won't work this won't happen.
  3. GT6. I took a break from the Switch waiting for WRC 9 to come. As a result I've really been into my nine year old copy of GT6. I completed it years ago.
  4. Thanks Shagger. I'll check the cartridge for dirt. Also I don't install games onto my Switch. I just put the cartridge in and leave it there until I buy another game. This is only the second Switch game I have ever bought. I never had this problem with WRC 8.
  5. 8 definitely has its bugs, especially when it comes to menus and money totals.
  6. What's the best WRC game you've played so far killa? Maybe I'll want to buy a copy one day.
  7. Update: I received WRC 9 today and it won't play. When I try to press A to get into the game nothing happens and then in a few seconds my Switch shuts off. What could the problem be? Also I've heard that 9 is better than WRC 10 and that 10 is a disappointing game where famous rally stages look unrecognizable among other problems.
  8. I still live in America so it's U.S. dollars.
  9. I've tired with all the menu glitches of WRC 8. WRC 9 will be shipped to my house in a few days. I paid $52.99 on eBay. I'll give my first impressions in a few days when it arrives. Maybe I'll still play 8 sometimes.
  10. I was playing handheld games at age 6 or 7. I'd say the first game a kid should have is the modern equivalent to a handheld game. If they can deal with the handheld game properly, like not break it, I would possibly see about getting my child a console if I had a child.
  11. WRC 8. After about 105 winless seasons on hard I'm playing on easy and dominating.
  12. WRC 8. I haven't gained that much more ability at rally, but I still have love of the game.
  13. I must plead ignorance to Pewdiepie. The one guy Ill watch gameplay of is Kamakazegames. I relate to him as a gear head and metal head from the states.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. Actually, there's a store I forgot about two towns away. I could look for it there. This game is already a couple of years old, so I could buy it on EBay perhaps. It's no tragedy if I don't find it real soon because I still love WRC 8.
  15. I tried to buy WRC 9 used at my local Game Stop. I couldn't find a single copy. Any ideas why? My idea is that rally just isn't that big here in the states.
  16. I love WRC 8 so much that now I'm considering getting WRC 9. I know 10 is out, but I've heard that it's not a big enough step forward in quality and it may actually even be worse than 9. I've also heard that WRC 9 has better handling and more historic rally cars than 8. I'm all psyched up to get 9 and then I'll probably play them inter-changably.
  17. Back on topic, I feel bad when I hit pedestrians in Twisted Metal games.
  18. It's hard for the drivers. I mean they want rally to have hard core fans ready to travel to the ends of the Earth for their series, but they also want everyone to return home to their loved ones at the end of the rally. The problem is how do you build grandstands and not wreck the look of the scenery.
  19. Well in real life rally fans stand close to the racing surface. The game is realistic in that regard. I think that fans should stand at least ten or twenty feet back. Its not like cars always handle perfectly.
  20. Have you read Rush in the '70's? It's such an awesome read. It talks about the members of Rush and their triumphs and tragedies on the way to stardom. I really like Rush, so I think it's a great read.
  21. I honestly don't know. If car photos magically fell off the face of the Earth that would be a tragedy and would make we want to draw cars again to preserve history. Sometimes I feel unaccomplished and I want to draw a car, but I still don't do it. Some times I get the urge to draw a car and I will do it. In that case it will usually either be a sports car I came up with myself or an old GM car. If I'm at my desk and the inspiration comes I'll draw.
  22. I'd probably read more and maybe even draw cars again.
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