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  1. Well the game is from 2019. I don't know if they would still care and I don't have my Switch online yet. Also, I've encountered another glitch. On training days you're not supposed to be able to get damage. I got spoiler damage that gave me more aerodynamic downforce and got a gold that I really didn't earn. It was still fun though.
  2. Maybe I'll buy it someday. It sounds pretty awesome.
  3. It's sad to see him gone. He truly was an American legend. RIP.
  4. I can picture snippets of gameplay in my mind, but not long sequences of events.
  5. Was the game Tourist Trophy any good? It was a motorcycle racing game from the creators of GT. I forget if I've asked about it before, if I have then my bad.
  6. When you create a park in one of the Tony Hawk games you can place Jeep Wranglers around the skate park if you desire. I'm a Chevy fan myself, but that's cool.
  7. This glitch happens many times, so countless thousands of dollars.
  8. I do consider myself to be a hard-core Rip Torn fan, but no I have not played the game. I do watch obscure Torn films like Rolling Kansas though.
  9. There's a game glitch I'd like to report. There's an objective of not spending more than 35 minutes in the car service area. I frequently beat the time, but the game says that I don't. If I could rectify this I'd be so happy. It would be thousands of dollars in my pocket if it could be fixed.
  10. Has Rip Torn ever been a video game voice actor. That would have been cool.
  11. I always go for the most amount of armor in Twisted Metal games and all games and I go for health whenever I can, because I'm frightened of dying.
  12. Wait, I did finish third in Sweden once.
  13. Third in a stage. As for my best rally finish I forget, maybe 6th.
  14. WRC 8. I'm getting better and meeting my objectives more often. I still haven't won a rally yet, but I have a lot of love for this game.
  15. WRC 8. I've only had it for about two months now, but I've already played about 80 seasons.
  16. No, I haven't drawn Sweettooth yet. I'm not against the idea. I'll have to wait and see if I get the urge to do it.
  17. Games inspired me to draw pictures of Thumper from Twisted Metal 2 and of me Using a Dodge Challenger in a station wagon race in GT2. Imagine the mismatch there.
  18. I would love to read these motorsports short stories if I could. I'll bet they really capture the passion and emotion of motorsports.
  19. I tend to not restart. I feel the gameplay is more authentic that way.
  20. Usually thinking about death creeps me out because I haven't accomplished enough yet. I prefer to daydream about what my next girlfriend will be like.
  21. Well then the burial car should be a Chevy or Buick, the two brands that my direct family have owned the most.
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