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  1. I played the PS1 version. It was fun until it got too hard.
  2. I used to make hair changes every so often back when I had NHL '11.
  3. I find that some of the best escapism are the GT6 Rome races. It's auto racing in a historic city.
  4. Never mind, I missed where it said April Fools.
  5. Yeah the console is, but its a PS1 game.
  6. Dukes of Hazzard- Racing for Home. I care about my family like Bo and Luke care about theirs.
  7. I either keep them or trade them in. I'm not going to pitch a disc with good content on it.
  8. PS1- Test Drive 5, Twisted Metal 2, old NBA Lives, Twisted Metal 4, NASCAR '99, The Dukes of Hazzard- Racing for Home PS2- Test Drive, NBA Live '05, Super Trucks Racing, Gran Turismo 3 PS3- Gran Turismo 6
  9. I collect all kinds of stuff. Car diecast, metal CDs, books about the Celtics, etc.
  10. The two Chevys I've owned were a '94 Caprice Classic and an '03 Impala. I had the Caprice from '03-'06 and the Impala from '06-'17. Caprice was the more durable car. The Impala needed an engine rebuild at about 57,000 miles, pure Wagner era dark ages technology compared to Caprice, but Impala offered more fuel mileage and better handling, so there is that. Right now I have no car and am saving to move out on my own. You're talking about Transport Montana, right?
  11. Blackangel, what Chevy do you have?
  12. Yeah, all I've ever owned have been Chevy sedans, but maybe I'll have Corvette or Camaro someday.
  13. I'm a Celtics and Chevy fan. My preferred consoles are Playstations.
  14. Lately when playing the ten season dynasty mode in Live '03 a glitch occurs after a number of saved games. The glitch turns multiple players into Theo Ratliff. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
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