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    Planet Zoo

    Do you like this game? Is it something you would like if you don’t own it yet? I think the management tools are nice but I hate the design portion of this game is overwhelming. I’m not that creative so doing most of anything on the game is tiring and overwhelming so I don’t play the game much anymore.
  2. I can’t edit my post but that is supposed to say cdkeys.com... Stupid autocorrect...
  3. I am interested in Apple Arcade but don’t have the money to test it out. I am not interested in Google Stadia because I don’t own an android phone capable of it. What about you?
  4. I used to like this game until it aggravated me to death. I couldn’t get passed one of the levels and it aggravated me. What about you?
  5. What do you think of this game? I’ve never played and while I like “shoot ‘em up” games it isn’t something that looks interesting to me. I never liked games like this.
  6. Do you play any of these? I play word search games on my iPad since I can use my Apple Pencil. It is amazing. I love it so much, especially when I need to be quiet while waiting somewhere or don’t have any internet.
  7. DudeThatsErin


    Has anyone played this game? It is incredibly addicting. I can play this game for HOURS.
  8. I have used it for The Sims 4 EPs in the past but I still worry the site may rip me off... It hasn’t yet though and I get pretty good deals from downloadable keys for games. What about you? What do you think about this site?
  9. Oof. That is annoying. I want to say I’m sorry but you seem fine without it so.... If you use a screen protector and take care of your tablet, there isn’t much wear and tear. Depends on how much you are gaming though. iPads are incredibly durable and can handle all that tapping. I’m sorry you feel that way. I love the mobile gaming, same with my sister. She is always playing games on her phone. They can get so addicting. To each their own. Yeah, I was, thanks. 🙂
  10. I am divided on this. I hate Minecraft, Fortnight, and any games like those. They just aren’t my type of games. What about you?
  11. Mine is Splatoon 2. I love covering the map with pant and the fact that is available on the switch lite so I can run around. What about you?
  12. For me, it is Splatoon 2. I wish I could play against computers offline. It is nice playing online but sometimes I don’t have WiFi and that means I can’t play the game. Offline mode for Splatoon is needed! What about you?
  13. Last thing I played was Splatoon 2. I absolutely love the game.
  14. Yeah, I can understand that. I’ve never played Minecraft. At least now I know I definitely wouldn’t like it.
  15. That is true. I just never thought of it in the same way as Soccer or Basketball. Maybe that's just me though. When you put it that way, though, it definitely makes sense. Thank you for opening my eyes.
  16. Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.
  17. DudeThatsErin


    I own 1 keyboard. It is the one that came with my iBuyPower desktop and it is crappy. The enter key by the letter keys (not by the num pad) doesn't work half of the time. I cleaned it and everything and it is still hard to press down sometimes. It is a pain. >.< I plan to buy a wireless Logitech one once I get an IT job.
  18. Hm... It would have to be Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaigns, The Sims (1 and then 3&4), Zoo Tycoon, and Roller Coaster Tycoon about evenly.
  19. Back when The Sims Complete Collection was released. That was one of the first ever PC games I played.
  20. Would you rather own a gaming desktop or a laptop? I own a desktop and I don't use the gaming part of it as much as I thought I would so I wish I would have gotten a laptop so I could do the same things anywhere and use my monitor as an external one whenever I needed the extra space. It is what it is though, I like my desktop and I can't see a reason to get rid of it.
  21. I've never pre-ordered a console but I want to with the new ones, I'm just worried I won't have the money for them when they release. 😞 It would be cool to get one immediately.
  22. Not really. The only time I watch trailers is when my husband shows me them.
  23. Oh! I forgot about that, that is cool.
  24. Yes, I have dreamt of the sims before. I got so addicted to the game that I was dreaming about it and stuff. It was weird.
  25. I agree. The game is fun and all but it can get old after a while which is why I stopped playing it.
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