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  1. I can't wait to see what Apple does for their future M1 Macbooks. It is amazing and I can't wait.
  2. My first game was The Sims 1 Complete Collection. I loved that game. That introduced me to PC Gaming.
  3. It really depends on what kind of gaming you are looking to accomplish. The kind of gaming I do can be accomplished on a laptop but my husband needs a desktop as he is a "hardcore" gamer.
  4. I said this before but now I don't even play that game. So now I have 0 games that are cross-platform.
  5. For me it was my iPhone 11. None of the 2020 offerings looked good enough to get me away from my 11. Not even the 12.
  6. Agreed. I can't believe Flossy said they were worth the $550. There is no way they are worth $550. Insanity.
  7. That will be interesting to see. I love the innovations companies are coming up with. I'll stick with my candybar phone though.
  8. Decided to skip this launch because my iPhone 11 is working perfectly even a year later. I don't need to upgrade/sidegrade to the 12 because there isn't much of a difference between the two models.
  9. I had no idea about the modding, myself, until my husband purchased Cyberpunk 2077 and now he went through steam and they denied his refund. That is insane that they don't allow any kind of modding.
  10. They just need to offer everyone a refund (regardless of the platform) and go back to the drawing board and re-release the game when it is actually done. Not when a "board of directors" say it should be done.
  11. I don't play myself but I love watching people play. I can't believe how much fun it is to watch people mess around in the game.
  12. Cyberpunk is definitely the worst game of 2020. No need to say more.
  13. I think? My husband does but I'm not 100% sure. He hasn't played it in forever though. It also isn't my type of game so it isn't something I'm really interested in.
  14. I'm going back and forth on it in my head and I'm not sure. On one hand, I can do everything (and more) on my husband's switch which he rarely ever/never uses but on the other, if he is using it and I want to play Splatoon 2 (for example) with him, I wouldn't be able to do that. What do you guys think?
  15. My husband still owns his but he doesn't play it much anymore. I am thinking about selling it and getting some money back on the purchase.
  16. My husband is really looking forward to the PS5. I'm iffy as far as whether I want it or not but my husband really wants it.
  17. Oof. That would be horrible for those people that want to get it. I don't see my husband doing that unless a lot of his friends jump on board and get the PlayStation and he wants to game with them but even then he is going to be hard pressed if the price goes up.
  18. Agreed. Digital versions of games are going to become the norm so I think Sony is just jumping on that train as fast as they can.
  19. My husband wants the digital edition because he only ever downloads his games and buys downloadable games and nowadays when you buy discs you have to download the data to the console anyway so not only is the game taking up space on your console but you have to have the disc to play it and if something happens to the disc you are screwed. I'm not sure though but I don't even know that I want it either way so hahaha I guess I'm not the best for this.
  20. That looks interesting but it is going to have a hard time competing against all of the other racing games out there.
  21. I played it a bit on my husband's switch but not lately. I want to get back into it and restart on my Switch Lite (if possible) soon. I'm honestly thinking about selling my switch lite because not all games are available on it and I wish I would have kept the regular switch instead.
  22. I forgot about this game but it was so much fun. I used to love playing it.
  23. This is my favorite series to watch on Twitch or my husband play. Just messing around in the game and doing dome stuff is so much fun. I can't play it myself because the loading times are too long and my ADHD prevents me from focusing once a loading screen comes up.
  24. Do you play this on any platform? I play Pokemon TCG on my iPad sometimes but haven't in a while. I, honestly, forgot it was on my iPad until just now. hahahaha It is a good game though. I haven't played YuGiOh much but my husband liked it while he was in the Army.
  25. Donkey Kong 64 BY FAR. I love this game and have memorized all of the background songs and such. SO GOOD.
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