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  1. Do you play this series of games? I've never really been into this but I get why it is so popular. What about you?
  2. Can someone explain this series to me? This is what I found online but I still don't get the game. Why do you play?
  3. Have you played any of these games? I haven't in a while but I like the series. It is very addicting.
  4. Do you play any of these games? I used to when I was in high school but even then I didn't play it much. Now I don't play it at all.
  5. To each their own. I get that. Basketball is an awesome sport, too.
  6. I'm rewatching them and I'm in the middle of the second movie. I haven't gotten to "I've got a jar of dirt!" yet... I cannot wait! Hahahahahaha What do you think of the series? I think it is great.
  7. Agreed. I haven't played any of these in a while for that reason.
  8. You are right. I was mixing them up. I prefer Clash Royale than Clash of Clans though. Oof. That is annoying.
  9. I've never done this before but it is definitely tempting.Getting discounts for your favorite games that are hopefully still in good condition would be awesome. What about you?
  10. You all make a good point. I never thought about it this way. I just think EA doesn't deserve the amount of money for the Sims EPs that they charge for them. It is ridiculous. I realize a lot goes into making them but they overprice the EPs by far and those are the only games I go on there to get the keys for.
  11. I prefer to play COD offline like you can with COD:Ghosts and that is the reason that is the only game I play on the xbox one/360 that my family owns. I've never played PUBG but I know that isn't currently possible. I wish the newer COD games had the same offline functionality like COD:Ghosts where you can play multiplayer offline.
  12. That's true. I haven't realy played PUBG Mobile but I have played COD mobile but I prefer to play COD: Ghosts cause I can play it offline with computers.
  13. I think it is interesting that Clash of Clans is under fire because they were selling data. Now countries are thinking about banning it like China did for Tik Tok. I haven't played Clash of Clans for a while but I have played Clash Royale pretty frequently.
  14. Yes, sorry should have linked it. God just seeing this screenshot is making me want to play it again. lol So easy to get addicted to. It is so easy to get addicted to, at least for me.
  15. They both have their own pros and cons as far as daily use but when it comes to gaming that is a different story. Android can be considered better because there are more options for phones like the Asus ROG 2 and such while iPhones have remained the same. I still prefer gaming on my iPhone because the battery has always lasted me twice as long during gaming sessions and the games run smoother and the phone doesn't get hot/overheat while playing it. What about you?
  16. I used to be a die-hard HP fan until I got my HP 15t which I still have to this day and still hate to this day. It is overpriced and I got it on a $600 sale and while my grandmother paid for it, I feel ripped off as it still wasn't worth the $500-600 that she paid. Yes, that means they valued the laptop around $1200... ugh. Don't get me started. Anyway, now I hate them. What about you?
  17. MacOS, definitely. I own an iPhone and Apple watch so being able to play all my games on Mac just like I am able to on Windows would be amazing. I'd be able to text and answer phone calls from my computer as well. Gosh, that is the dream.
  18. I prefer Steam for all of my games because they have the best discounts and the biggest selection of games. Origin is my next favorite because The Sims is on it and I love that game franchise. What about you?
  19. This could be for small games, work, or just browsing the internet. I've used Windows all my life but I want to own a Macbook cause I don't game on my computer as much as I used to. I may play rocket league but I could do that on my husband's gaming PC. Either way, I can't get rid of this computer so I am keeping it and saving up for a Macbook Pro 16" fully spec'd out.
  20. My desktop is from Best Buy and I only got it there cause my last one had issues and needed to be sent in and couldn't be fixed in a timely manner so they gave me a gift card for the value so I was able to pick out a new one (after having my old one for a year and a half) and this one is better in more ways than one. What about you?
  21. Yeah, I love the game. I haven't played in a while but re-reading this post may get me to play it tonight or tomorrow. Yes, it is incredibly difficult to master. I still can't do floating goals where you are in the air with the ball... Tried the tutorial and still couldn't get it. Agreed. I guess it isn't that good of a game for you. To each their own.
  22. I've never really played browser games. There was one day where I played a game on Facebook but that's it. I've never really liked browser games.
  23. Yeah, I haven't played them in a while for that exact reason. It is just too much for me lately.
  24. That's true.I'm thinking I should have gotten a laptop instead of a desktop. Exactly my thoughts. That's true. That's one of the reasons I got a desktop.
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