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  1. https://www.pcgamer.com/hawkeye-will-come-to-marvels-avengers-in-a-post-launch-update/ I didn't know that there was an Avengers game coming out. Looks really good. I think this update is nice as well. What do you think?
  2. I go to The Verge or PC Gamer. I trust them the most and they don't have as many clickbait titles as other places. I don't go out for gaming news that often though. What about you?
  3. Man, I missed this sale?! I had no idea it was on sale on May 4/3... I know this is REALLY late but dang.
  4. Anyone else play this game? I am seriously addicted to this game. I love it so much to the point where I'll play it for hours and go to sleep dreaming about painting malls and such around the world. SO MUCH FUN.
  5. What do you think of this game? I don't play it often but when I do I can play it for hours. Especially when I get unlimited lives. It is addicting.
  6. What do you think about this game? I used to play it a lot but I think it is overplayed for me now. Maybe I just played it too much.
  7. I haven't played this game in a while but I liked it while I did play it. I just wish they would update it so it was compatible with the Switch Lite. Sucks that if my husband gets rid of his Switch and we only have the Switch Lite that we can't play it.
  8. Have you ever played this game? I haven't because I was never really into very many Mario games. Dr. Mario I was a bit on the Nintendo 64 and then the only other thing is Mario Party. Other than that I was never into any other Mario Party game.
  9. Do you like these games? I find Monopoly Bingo to be so addicting. When I do play it, I play it for HOURS. Idk what it is but it is a good game to wind down to.
  10. Do you think this game stacks up to the PC or console versions? Does this game lack anything you wish it had? I wish it had offline multiplayer as well as single player like MW3 where you had to go against the waves of computers. That is so much fun. I think the game is pretty good but hard to stack up against using a controller. Yes, you can pair one with your tablet/phone but it isn't the same as the phones are just not as powerful as a laptop/desktop.
  11. My cousin used to play this series of games all of the time. I've never played though he tried to get me into it but I never was interested in MMORPGs. What about you?
  12. If your stream, what are your PC specs? What games do you stream? If you watch streams, where do you watch them and who do you watch? I don't stream but I watch streams on Twitch and I like to watch lilsimsie and a few other simmers. I don't really join in on the chat but I like to watch, esp in the background when I'm doing other things.
  13. Do you play this series of games? I've never really been into this but I get why it is so popular. What about you?
  14. Can someone explain this series to me? This is what I found online but I still don't get the game. Why do you play?
  15. Have you played any of these games? I haven't in a while but I like the series. It is very addicting.
  16. Do you play any of these games? I used to when I was in high school but even then I didn't play it much. Now I don't play it at all.
  17. To each their own. I get that. Basketball is an awesome sport, too.
  18. I'm rewatching them and I'm in the middle of the second movie. I haven't gotten to "I've got a jar of dirt!" yet... I cannot wait! Hahahahahaha What do you think of the series? I think it is great.
  19. Agreed. I haven't played any of these in a while for that reason.
  20. You are right. I was mixing them up. I prefer Clash Royale than Clash of Clans though. Oof. That is annoying.
  21. I've never done this before but it is definitely tempting.Getting discounts for your favorite games that are hopefully still in good condition would be awesome. What about you?
  22. You all make a good point. I never thought about it this way. I just think EA doesn't deserve the amount of money for the Sims EPs that they charge for them. It is ridiculous. I realize a lot goes into making them but they overprice the EPs by far and those are the only games I go on there to get the keys for.
  23. I prefer to play COD offline like you can with COD:Ghosts and that is the reason that is the only game I play on the xbox one/360 that my family owns. I've never played PUBG but I know that isn't currently possible. I wish the newer COD games had the same offline functionality like COD:Ghosts where you can play multiplayer offline.
  24. That's true. I haven't realy played PUBG Mobile but I have played COD mobile but I prefer to play COD: Ghosts cause I can play it offline with computers.
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