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  1. Wow even 8.9 hours for me is a lot. I can't imagine staying up all night for games.
  2. I have loved The Sims since The Sims Complete Collection around the early 2000s. I can’t believe it has been around 20 years.
  3. I don’t really talk about gaming that much as I don’t play as many games nowadays. I used to play more but I’m not sure why but I just don’t play anymore.
  4. I’m not that old so my first one was a Gameboy. I loved that thing.
  5. My gaming is my business. It is a way I unwind and relax from stressful days. I also use it to get out of my own head. I don’t need everyone telling me how to play or what they think that I should do in x or y game.
  6. I know this has been a thing for years and the money you can get is higher and higher but I find it amazing that you can get paid for playing games. Like, not like Twitch or whatever but in tournaments.
  7. I don’t play games on my phone. I only play them on my iPad as the battery lasts longer because it is bigger and the extra screen is nice for games. What about you?
  8. I just played Call of Duty: Ghosts last night with my sister. We were playing gun game and infection. So much fun!
  9. I place it horizontally so it will place along the bottom of my TV stand and fit just fine. Otherwise it doesn't fit in my TV Stand.
  10. I use my tablet to play most of my games as my iPad has 256gb of storage while my phone only has 64gb. So to keep 20-30GB free, I just play on my iPad. I prefer it.
  11. Anyone here play this game? I used to like it a lot while my husband was in the Army now I haven't played it in a while though I'm thinking about picking it back up. It is fun trying to create fortresses that are impenetrable but still having that one person get through it.
  12. One of my friend's still plays but I haven't in SO LONG. Like it has been close to or over a year. It just doesn't interest me anymore. Not something I like. It was fun at first but then it got played out.
  13. I used to play games like Restaurant Story, Fashion Story, Pet Shop Story, and games like that. Now I play stuff like WordSearch games, Bingo Games, and Clash Royale. What about you?
  14. I played Angry Birds around the first time the game came out but now I haven't played in so long. I want to off and on but I haven't played in so long.
  15. I didn't know what you meant by drip-feeding at first. After reading your post, I agree. It's the reason why I stopped playing. It has gotten boring since I finished the storyline.
  16. Yeah, I agree with that. It is crazy how many pokemon games there actually are.
  17. I have had sessions where I played for 12 hours max. I don't believe I've gone longer than that but I think my husband has done 24 or 36 hour gaming sessions. I find that insane. I always have to sleep after a while. What about you?
  18. I did play it for a while but once I finished everything it got boring. Now I haven't played at all. It was fun but now it is meh. It just isn't my kind of game.
  19. I have. I rarely play on my computer anymore. I'm always either playing Splatoon 2 or Animal Crossing.
  20. I'm using Google Chrome currently. I guess that or Discord would be my last used application on my computer.
  21. I have own a crapload of consoles. Nintendo N64 Gameboy Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance Gameboy Advance SP DS DS XL 2DS 3DS 3DS Max Wii Switch Playstation 2 Xbox 360 1 My husband and I are planning to get the PS5 and Xbox whatever. I can't remember the name. As you can see the biggest console I've owned since the beginning is the Nintendo consoles.
  22. My first one was the N64. I still own it and it is amazing. I'm hooking it up after my move 2 weeks from now and I am excited!
  23. My husband has been binge gaming for the last week or so on this Kingdom game on Steam. He loves it. I don't binge games myself. I play games for a bit and then I stop and do something else. I guess it just depends on the person.
  24. Hello, I'm Erin! Hi, I am Erin! I am married with 2 cats. I am a programmer by day and discord server owner by night. I love playing Animal Crossing and The Sims! My husband plays games like Skyrim and Cyberpunk. We live in AZ for now but we are soon going to be moving. I'm trying to get a job in IT. I have a degree in the field and it is difficult to get a job with COVID. I watch a lot of YouTube and The Simpsons. Nice to meet all of you!
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