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  1. Were you ever able to get this fixed?
  2. That is one console I never used. I heard how good it is from many people but I've never used it.
  3. Yes, Stadia and anything Steam is making. I've never really been interested in them.
  4. Nope! I have used Linux, Mac, and Windows and I like them all. I don't have a preference and I don't hate or dislike any of them. They each serve their own purpose and fulfill their own needs.
  5. I find it ridiculous that people get physical over gaming. Yes, I understand it is a passion but it is ridiculous and not that important. Gaming is not life or death.
  6. I use all apple applications since I switched recently from Android to iPhone and plan to keep my iPhone. Apps I use are: Notes - I'm using that to keep track of forums that I'm posting on. I use the Apple Pencil to write on it all the time with my iPad Pro and it is awesome. Reminders Calendar Newton - not an Apple app but still a really good email app. These are my favorite productivity apps and keep me up-to-date on everything I need.
  7. I think the future "console" is going to be the PC. That's really the only thing that can compete with the PS and Xbox. They can even have more specs and play games better than the new ones that haven't even come out yet.
  8. Most of the time I don't. I prefer to play the originals and not the remakes. It really depends on the game though.
  9. This is a hard thing seeing as neither one is fully out yet. I would have to wait and see what the xbox series x has in store once it is released to say anything.
  10. Agreed. Tablets make great gaming platforms for games that are optimized for their screen size. I love having the extra screen real estate.
  11. NFS is such a good series! Those are some great games of that series too!
  12. This is a good question. I think mine has to be the N64. Mostly because I have played so many hours on it and it was my first console. Donkey Kong 64 is my favorite game. I hope they remake it for the Switch. ❤️
  13. I lay the console on its side as that is the only way it fits into my TV stands. Most TV stands are the same way as well.
  14. I only play one like that, Clash Royale. No other game I have is the same way. Splatoon 2 is the closest thing but even then each Switch has a different level that I'm on so it isn't the same.
  15. N64 is an amazing device. My favorite thing on it is Donkey Kong. ❤️ That is life!
  16. DBrand and Slickwraps make amazing wraps so you can customize any device for cheaper than paying extra for a customized console. Due to this, I think the customized consoles are overpriced and not worth it.
  17. 8k is ahead of its time. Eventually it will be awesome just like 4k was but for now we need to adopt 4k everywhere before 8k becomes a thing and I don't see that happening for quite a while cause mainstream TV has to upgrade their cameras and they aren't going to do that until the price for 4k cameras comes down.
  18. I haven't tried VR so I'm not counting it out completely but so far it doesn't seem like something that would interest me. Mainly because I think of multiple people putting on those goggles and the oils from their face going on mine and sharing and ick. Never really liked it for that aspect.
  19. I use my living room TV for gaming and it is around 55" and it depends on where I am at the current moment. At my parent's home (where I am now) it is an older Samsung 55". When I move out we will use a 55 QLED LG TV.
  20. I have quit quite a few games because they just weren't for me. I don't have that good of a memory so I can't really say why for each game other than I didn't really like them.
  21. Yeah, the S7 was a good phone during its time. May be getting time to upgrade though lol Good points. 🙂 To each their own.
  22. I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw this title. I wouldn't think an almost affiliate or almost partner would reach out like this.
  23. https://www.pcgamer.com/cloud-computing-is-making-linux-a-more-tempting-target-for-hackers/ That is interesting. I always thought Linux was the most secure but I guess it isn't anymore.
  24. https://www.pcgamer.com/achievements-are-starting-to-appear-on-the-epic-games-store/ This is cool. What do you think?
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