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  1. Naw we have nothing to worry about for Video games. If he does ban video games from China then video game companies in North America and elsewhere will have to step up their game.
  2. Thats pretty cool. I thought when I first read the topic this thread would be about if we have done anything in real life as we did in Video games lol.
  3. $36.99 is definitely a good price for a controller. Gamecube controllers work for the Switch? I did not know about that.
  4. Those are really expensive laptops! I would never buy a laptop that much because they can still easily break and they don't last that long. Let us know what laptop you end up buying! 🙂
  5. I would never let my friends borrow my expensive items for that very reason. You never know what they might do with it and can easily break your item and they most likely won't help to try to fix it.
  6. The worst I have done while video gaming is just yell at the TV or at myself lol. I can't see myself going crazy over a game. It's just a game and it's meant to be for fun.
  7. Yes that's true and you know that the people on the forum are passionate about gaming just like you are so that makes it easier to talk about games also.
  8. Nope I do not. I don't have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, I'm old school even though I'm young I hear social media does more damage then its used for good. Plus I find life is so much better without having social media accounts. Mind you I like watching videos on Youtube.
  9. I have some friends that are into gaming so I keep my gaming discussions with them. These forums are good for that too! 🙂
  10. Does anyone like playing pinball games? I remember they used to be popular at arcades and now we can play video game versions of it. There's a cool virtual reality pinball game I can't remember the name at the moment. What Pinball games have you played?
  11. We hear of funny crazy stories of people getting video game rage. Some people have even broke their TV's, gaming systems, etc. Do you get video game rage when you play video games? What was the worse thing you have ever done while playing video games?
  12. The name of the pinball game that I play sometimes on my phone is called 'Pinball Deluxe Reloaded' It's free to download and they have a few free tables to play but if you want extra tables or features then they force you to buy them so I just stick with the free tables.
  13. How many controllers do you have? Do you have way more than you need? I currently have 2 controllers for my PS4 and I think that's all I need. I also have 2 motion controllers for my Virtual reality so I guess the total I have is 4 controllers.
  14. I always find awesome deals in the PS4 digital store especially when they go on sale. Just yesterday I bought FIFA 20 for only $15. I got 70% off that game. The PS4 digital store should have sales more often.
  15. I used to have some Sonic and Mario action figures as I'm a big fan of them. I should buy a Sonic stuffed animal and give it to my 3 year old nephew.
  16. I have never had this happen to me while playing a game but I have scratched the disc if that counts, a few times and then it wouldn't work.
  17. Yea there has to be a decent story line for me to play these types of games otherwise there all pretty much the same game. Have fun playing the game! 🙂
  18. Guitar Hero and Rock band are those types of games that are really fun when playing with friends. I think I liked Guitar Hero 2 the best. All of them are pretty fun.
  19. I agree that using a microphone is the best and easiest way to communicate while your video gaming and it doesn't distract too much. Much better to multi task when your using a microphone.
  20. They will have more than 20 solo and co-op missions? Sounds like it will be a pretty big game. When does it come out?
  21. I know some people who are really into Linux. I am not one of those people. Maybe I never gave it a chance but I like and am more familiar with Windows.
  22. For me it's a tie between the NES and SNES. Lots of old school classics for those consoles. Nintendo makes a lot of great products. The younger generation will be big fans of the Switch for sure.
  23. So your having a gaming session. How many hours in a row can you play for one sitting? Now a days I can only spend 2 hours tops at a time playing video games. In my High school days I could go way longer.
  24. The most I've ever spent on a game was over $80 for a sports video game. Now I usually wait until the season is mid season or the season is over because then the game price goes down about 40 to 50 dollars.
  25. That is a really good deal for sure! It must be a sale. I know that the PS4 is having a digital summer sale so maybe the Switch is doing the same.
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