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  1. I like the futuristic look of this game. It looks like a lot of fun. I shall put this on my gaming list. Does anyone know what the price of this game might be yet?
  2. That's awesome you were able to sell it locally! Good job! I find its usually always best to sell locally especially the more expensive items we have.
  3. I've never bought any games off eBay but I have on a local site called Kijiji which is kind of like eBay. I usually don't like buying used games as there is always a risk that the quality of the disc was not as described. I mostly just wait until the game goes on sale or they lower the price (which is like 3 to 5 years after the release date lol)
  4. What are your thoughts on the gameplay @skyfire? Are you a fan of the Fifa games? They are pretty fun. I have Fifa 17 I think it's time maybe I get a new Fifa game.
  5. @Shagger and @Crazycrab thanks for both of your advice and comments. Yes I know that companies don't really care about their customers its all about the money unfortunately. I was unaware of this although I hear of EA's greediness. They just make really good sports games and I like their story lines for the sports games better than when I did try some 2K sports games. Like I mentioned though if 2K can really impress me with this project then I might get it. EA Sports is the only company I know that puts out really good hockey video games and I'm a big hockey fan.
  6. I don't play many mobile games but at the moment I am playing a cool pin ball game on my phone.
  7. When I was in High school, my friends amd I would stay up all night playing Halo when it first came out. Probably 14 to 18 hours.
  8. I wont get too excited for this. I'm loyal to EA Sports as I buy their games. 2k will really have to impress me with this for me to get it.
  9. If YouTube counts I usually go there. I don't have social media so I can't get my gaming news from there. I sign up to get email updates from gaming companies that I like.
  10. I'm a big sports guy especially for hockey and ping pong so I love playing VR Ping pong and EA Sports NHL hockey games.
  11. I don't play much of Call of Duty bit when I have played it, it was on the Xbox that my friend had so we played the game once in awhile.
  12. This could probably make alot of money. However, it is not for me. I will let other people have fun with it 🙂
  13. Yep I still play my 'old' games once in awhile. If there is an online mode on it, it kind of sucks since no one usually plays online for the older games as they are all playing the latest release.
  14. Nope I am not 'stunned' about it at all. If people have the talent and can make money doing something then why not? I give them kudos as I'm sure it's very hard to earn a living especially playing video games but that would be cool to do.
  15. Nintendo is probably just sitting back and enjoying all the money coming in 😁 I am sure any kind of gaming company is busy working on their future products.
  16. You know you could get a bluray/dvd player right? 😃 they are pretty affordable. I think I'm going to wait 6 months or so, maybe even longer if I give in to buy the PS5. I have my PS4 and it's still working good.
  17. Let's hope not but I am certain they eventually will. It's all about supply and demand and people will still pay whatever Sony will charge.
  18. I'm a big Simpsons fan and I'm shocked at myself that I haven't tried playing any of their video games yet. I am definitely going to have to get around to doing so someday!
  19. Usually I would quit a game if the game gets boring or it's too hard and it doesn't let you choose an easier game mode. There's so many games out there so I like to mix things up and try different games.
  20. I don't have an iPad. If I were to have one maybe I would play games on it. I never play games on my cell phone as I find it drains the battery too fast. Is it the same on the iPad when playing games or is the battery pretty good?
  21. I've been playing alot of NHL 18, VR ping pong, and Bus Simulator that I just picked up about a month ago as it was on sale. That game is pretty fun.
  22. Let's have some fun with this topic. If you had to choose 1 video game console to play for the rest of your life what would it be? As much as I love Play station I think I would have to choose the Super Nintendo. That gaming system really got me into video gaming when I was around 12 years old.
  23. Rocket League is on PC? I thought it was just for Playstation/Xbox. I have it for my PS4. Now I might have to have it for my PC. I am slowly getting better at the game. I'm still terrible at it compared to others but it's fun! :)
  24. I have a VR headset for my PS4. It's a lot of fun. It takes awhile to get used to and thankfully I don't get nauseous while playing it. One of my friends gets dizzy real easy so he hates virtual reality. I really enjoy playing VR Ping pong and playing against random people online.
  25. First ever console for me was the original black and white Game boy from Nintendo. I loved playing the Mario game that they had for it before Mario became really popular.
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