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  1. If I have the choice of picking PC, Definitely PC and anyone would be stupid not to pick it. But if PC isn't an option then perhaps either the PS4, with the switch being a close second
  2. My first pick would have been Crash Bandicoot, which was done. And then Spyro, which was also done. Third pick that hasn't been done would be this FPS on the PS2 called "Black"
  3. I don't share much purely because I can't be bothered. But if a service were to automatically log and post things I wouldn't really mind. Except it would have to be a dedicated platform. For example I wouldn't want every trophy I earned to be posted on my facebook wall.
  4. Well, yeah my favorite games can change from time to time as I mostly enjoy single player experiences. However I have been playing CS GO ever since it's release and have clocked in at least 4k hours on it.
  5. I'm really surprised of the production value of this. Is it geared more towards "Adult" themes or is that just a sub-theme and fantasy plays the main role here? Looks great regardless
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