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  1. Red Dead redemption 2. Well *hate* is a strong word, but I did not enjoy it as much as it was praised. Although towards the ending I really came to like the game, the overall experience was mediocre.
  2. Would agree with Burnout. I don't necessarily go looking for Violent games. But it does irk me when a game that *should* contain violence does not, for the sake of ratings or appealing to a wider audience.
  3. The Duke Nukem series. It's not that I can't play it now, just that it is pretty dated that I don't feel like playing it. But I would've loved to play it before
  4. I've been told completing the game does take quite a bit of time, does it not?
  5. I think Ghost recon Wildlands was mostly sort of abandoned after release without any quality content, even though the base game had a lot of promise
  6. Final Fantasy Crisis Core had me thinking about it for weeks on end. I'm not gonna say why incase anyone hasn't played it, but please play it!
  7. Mentioned this a lot here, but games like runescape (I play old school) are super easy to play during work since a lot of stuff can be done afk or clicking once every few minutes
  8. Can't believe i missed this~ Been really getting into strategy and war games recently thanks to Warhammer as well
  9. Game pass keeps getting better and better! I hope it doesn't get too popular to where the prices increases massively.
  10. Excited for the remakes as well, hope they turn out well
  11. Looks like the game is coming along quite well, How big is the development team?
  12. Afaik the game is pretty much dead. People did like when they added in the NPC's but the game wasn't all that fun regardless
  13. Never played any persona, but been meaning to jump into it. I think I will try and get P5 Royal soon, looking forward to spending 100+ hours on it
  14. Wow that is weird. Could it be some sort of leftover code from a GTA Game where the police comes in and "attacks"?
  15. Never enjoyed Gaming on a laptop, even though specs could be quite as good as a desktop, somehow it never really performs the same, I mostly attribute it to thermal throttling.
  16. It was okay? I agree with all the criticism about it, but also don't believe that constitutes all the backlash against it. But it definitely should have been better than what it was
  17. The fact that the games that do use Microtransactions also profit a lot (GTA Online, Fortnite, Clash of Clans etc..) is terrible. This just drives the industry more towards them.
  18. Not mods but I did used to write scripts for botting skills on Runescape. Although I wish it wasn't since the bot's have gotten out of hand, but it did help me get into programming
  19. Although I hate both companies, Epic was in the wrong here. Deliberately violating the TOS.
  20. I like to watch certain content creators, PewDiePie being one of my favorites, although he rarely plays games anymore. His minecraft series was one of the best
  21. Got it for free on PS Plus and play a few rounds on and off! It's pretty fun, not won a match as of yet either
  22. ROM hacks were great. I played plenty of Pokemon ROM hacks that were completely different games. Loved them all
  23. Never have bought one, Never felt the need to. But no qualms with people who do. it's great as a collectors item
  24. My top would be Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Not that he's bad in any way but the Kingdom hearts series as a whole tends to frustrate me with it's intertwined plot lines, and I take it all out on Sora
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