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  1. Don't fix what ain't broke, I guess? Agreed games shouldn't outright copy each other, but taking inspiration from the genre is fine, lot of gamers like to just kill shit with high adrenaline gameplay
  2. Surprising that IGN is posting a trailer for another gaming channel/producer.
  3. Multiplayer action adventure? Sounds pretty cool
  4. Was very looking forward to it. While it still seems kinda shallow, I'm glad that it found success, I hope it pushes Pokemon to make better games, while also delivering more to the monster catching genre. Really wish them all the success, although I'm not a fan of the MMO aspect
  5. The first half of the trailer made me expect a totally different game than a sidescroller. Have you played this? Is is very story driven?
  6. Loved playing these when I was younger, just the absolute carnage was a great time sink
  7. I wanted to play Spelunky 1 with a friend but found the co op super tedious to setup on PC, don't know if that changed at all. The game looks great though (Although not much different from the first)
  8. Good luck with your channel and keep at it no matter how disheartening it gets 🙂
  9. Choosing between Yen and Triss in Witcher 3. Not exactly a moral choice but one of my hardest
  10. Did you manage to solve it? I agree if the wording was "(Hold)+LMB" it sounds a bit confusing, rather than saiying "Hold LMB"
  11. This looks pretty great! Do you model the replicas yourself or download online models?
  12. I actually prefer the third person view for most games, but I think shooters do pretty well with First person.
  13. Ah, your post about Pokemon brought back bad memories of my complete pokedex save in Pokemon Fire Red that just up and got corrupted one day 😞 R.I.P Level 100 Charizard
  14. Gameplay trailers can definitely help me gauge the game better, but cinematic trailers not really.
  15. Usually this is the opinion people have of souls-type games, but not sure how he found Sekiro Jerky? The movement was super fluid.
  16. I used to have a ton of Final Fantasy Action figures
  17. If I'm not mistaken even with current PS4, anyone pirated and gone online will be console banned from accessing any online services
  18. I usually like to have 2, but I moved away from family and friends recently and bought a new console, and now only have 1
  19. As a socially anxious person, I get super excited when i hear someone talk about gaming because it feels like a topic I can contribute to and am not that anxious about it. So talk about it quite alot
  20. Not usually a rage person my self, but I have dashed my table multiple times while playing Sekiro. Nothing broke though
  21. I think if people want they should buy as many consoles as they want. For me personally, I would only choose one between Xbox and Playstation, Then definitely own a PC as well. Then, if time and money allows, will try to get a Nintendo console as well for their exclusives (If they ever make a proper next gen pokemon game).
  22. Right, I think these aren't very active since the game trading scene as a whole isn't active. I remember seeing some similar sites for the Nintendo DS Though. Quick google search mainly shows Leaptrade which you mentioned, that doesn't seem that active either
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