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  1. Can't believe this game is still getting updates after all these years! Pretty cool
  2. Loved the art style of this trailer. Made me interested to check the game out, and also the fact that I love strategy games
  3. Just checked out the game, seems like the reviews aren't that great but seems entertaining.
  4. Might pick it up for ME 1 and 2. The series took a sharp dive after that
  5. Playing this with friends are some of the fondest memories of Co-op gaming I've had! Can't wait to do another LAN-party when this releases
  6. I remember when a developer of the first game posted on reddit some time ago, glad to see how far they've come
  7. Played some mecha games on the PS4, random games don't really remember the names, they weren't that fun, but these look a bit better
  8. Reminds me alot of pillars of eternity, I can see the devs are indie as well. Super glad to see Indie devs coming up with great looking games
  9. A side scrolling souls-like would be something I haven't played before. Will keep this wishlisted
  10. Looks sweet, the number of games arriving for the switch that go under the radar is crazy.
  11. If its a DLC i assume its going to be DDL only
  12. Yeah I barely see it used in deathmatch as well. Was used a lot when it was new but now barely
  13. I like the progression aspects of it. Is the progression linear or each playthrough seems different?
  14. Been a long time since I saw a top down Action game with these graphics. Looks pretty cool
  15. Agreed, I think it would increase sales as well. Nintendo banks on nostalgia alot, and having a certain limited time to buy one of the forefathers of gaming, would make everyone sure to buy it instead of "waiting for a sale" or the likes
  16. I was pretty excited for G&M Actually. After breath of the wild the art style really clicked with me, looking forward to this
  17. Looks interesting, loving the new cannon types. Seems like it has mixed reviews on steam though
  18. Is this going to be on gamepass? Might just give it a go then
  19. Looks really interesting, hope the combat is fluid and fun in a game like this. The trailer was well done
  20. That's super cool, and although 49.99 is a bit much for just a system with 1 game, it's a great price for a piece of nostalgia
  21. Witcher 3. I played it, but never finished it (Which is the regret). But i played further into it enough that Im unable to start again because the first part is boring to me since I've already done most of it.
  22. Somewhere into a games dev cycle, you can sort of get the feel from the developers how confident they are in their game. From their marketing, updates, press releasees etc. Sometime you can see dev's not fully confident in their game, or clashes with publishers that show what to expect the game. Those kind of things make me super cautious about a game
  23. While The gameplay was indeed solid, I feel like the narrative brought it down a lot. Yes the mechanics were fluid, yes gunplay was awesome. But it needs to come in the complete package. Although to each their own, Super glad that you enjoyed it.
  24. I'm not sure changing my life would be appropriate, but games as a whole have shaped me into who I am now. The interest in games got me into computers, taught me how to type fast, was interested in making games so learnt to program.
  25. Not sure about just loading the game being dangerous. But I do know that back in it's prime, World of warcraft had a huge impact on people who were addicted to it. Deaths, Divorces and unhealthy lifestyles were all attributed to that game at one point.
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