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  1. What are some examples of inaccurate in-game materials/resources in video games? As an example, the fishing maps in Skyrim are inaccurate (to be fair, they are also community content, though they are Bethesda-approved).
  2. How many linear games do you play at once? I try to stick with just one at a time. It’s hard to explain why, but I think I find it more immersive to just be focused on one linear, story-driven game at a time.
  3. After you finish a game, how much time if any do you take before you start a new one? I notice I tend to take about a month. I often want to dive right into a new game, but I kind of like some extra space so I can think more about the one I just finished before losing myself in something new.
  4. I was trying to figure out who that is--it appears she voiced a mod character. In any case, agreed, she is gorgeous.
  5. Did you ever have a lot of fun in a game fighting a battle in a really inefficient way? Like in Skyrim the other day, I got determined to kill some challenging enemies at a low level, and ended up running a massive distance across the map to heal as I fought. It was frustrating, but also really satisfying.
  6. Do you have the most fun in a game when you are a struggling newbie, when you are a powerful high level character with cool abilities, or somewhere in between those extremes?
  7. Some games have weapons or abilities that are overpowered and tend to make everything quite easy. Do you find these fun to use, or do they take away some of the fun by removing too much challenge?
  8. Do you like realistic levels of darkness in video games, or do you prefer higher levels of visibility? I was actually quite surprised to discover I like my Skyrim modded for dark nights quite a bit more than when I could see everything in the vanilla game.
  9. Are there any open world games that grew on you over time, where you loved them more the longer you played them? Oblivion is like that for me.
  10. Do you play online games to keep up with old friends? I just started playing Minecraft with my high school BFF who lives across the country from me. It’s been a great way to hang out again virtually.
  11. What is your least favourite thing about your favourite game?
  12. Is there a game or series everyone suggests you specifically play, but you still haven’t yet? If not, do you plan to?
  13. Since I switched from playing the PS3 version of Skyrim to the free PS5 upgrade of my PS4 edition, I’ve been surprised at how much more immersive and atmospheric it feels. As far as I can tell, this is partly from my mods, but also partly just from the better frame rate and a slightly wider field of view. What technical changes have you noticed can increase immersion in different versions of a game?
  14. Are there menu options or abilities that you think would make follower management easier in future Elder Scrolls or Fallout games? For example, I think it would be ideal if there were always a way to teleport one’s follower to one’s location, as they seem to get stuck or lost a lot.
  15. I had nightmares about the bad thing that happens near the start of TLOU 2.
  16. There is so much hype right now about how VR is going to be a huge deal in the future for gaming and everything else. But I can’t help thinking that the technology still seems too clunky to ever feel comfortable enough for extensive use. Do you think VR is over-hyped, or going to be as big as people say?
  17. What are the most distinctive environments you have seen in open world games? I’ve really enjoyed how different Monarch in The Outer Worlds is from anything else I’ve seen.
  18. It seems common in games to gradually progress to the top of in-game organizations. Elder Scrolls does this with guilt quests. To me, it feels unnatural and repetitious, as it’s like every guild. How do you feel about it?
  19. Yesterday in Watch Dogs: Legion, I encountered a quest I thought was bugged simply because they left a non-functional elevator panel highlighted as if for use, which one turned out not to need. What are some quests you’ve thought were bugged before because of similar oversights?
  20. What are some quests or questlines in games that you thought were going to be really boring, but which turned out to be amazing?
  21. I was playing Minecraft online for the first time with a friend, and thought it would be handy if there were a way to automatically follow her around instead of having to do it manually. I don’t think there is? What are some other video games you feel should have a follow command?
  22. Are there any in-game foods or beverages you really wish you could try IRL?
  23. What are some sports games you have played that feature more obscure/minor sports? I.e. fencing, archery, handball, curling, etc.
  24. I have a lot of dust in my PS5 vents. These vents are particularly huge, and as a result, I am worried that if I use canned air, it will just push the dust further in. If you have a PS5, how are you cleaning out those big vents without making things worse?
  25. What are some quests in games where you were confused and surprised by how the game interpreted your actions/result? For example, in The Outer Worlds, I tried to do a solution for the Edgewater quest in the beginning that seemed optimal, and that would result in the faction I wanted to have power winning. But the game interpreted my solution differently and actually scolded me afterwards for dashing the dreams of that faction.
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