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  1. How common are problem gaming behaviors? This study suggests they affect as much as 10% of gamers, which seems surprisingly high to me: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/05/200513143803.htm
  2. Are there series where you started out playing the modern instalments, and then later went back and played the older ones?
  3. What games launched well, but are now not as popular? what caused their decline?
  4. On my second playthrough of BioShock 2, I still struggle with Big Sisters. Does anyone have any tips?
  5. If a game offers you easier and harder options/paths to accomplishing a goal, what do you choose? For example, in BioShock 2, you have more gather options than gathers per level, and could choose harder or easier scenarios on purpose.
  6. What to you would be the single worst thing about being a professional gamer? For me, it would be the intense schedule.
  7. There are usually multiple ways to pause a game. Do you prefer those pause menus to have silence, or the ambient noise of the game? I vastly prefer the latter, because it keeps me in the same headspace while I am up doing whatever, which helps maintain immersion.
  8. That makes sense! Sorry, sometimes I get a bit overzealous with nuance. Thanks for merging them. Also, I will let you know later the specs 🙂 Thank you for the advice about the cooling lapboard too!
  9. Do you feel a stronger sense of personal agency or a more internal locus of control because of gaming? I do, because playing open world games taught me how to ask questions and take initiative to get things rolling in my life.
  10. A friend gave me a gaming laptop quite randomly. I am most comfortable gaming on console, but I want to make the most of the laptop. So, I wondered if anyone here has any recommendations for PC-only games I might like? I mostly enjoy story-driven shooters and open world games heavy on exploration. I’m also looking for cool co-op games on PC.
  11. There are certain types of vehicles we see frequently in video games such as automobiles and airplanes, but are there any types of vehicles we don’t see a lot that you would like to see more of?
  12. Have you played any video games that are based on board games or tabletop games? Which ones have you enjoyed?
  13. Have you played any tabletop games that are based on video games? Which ones are your favorites?
  14. What are your favorite co-op games to play on PC? Especially interested in PC-only games.
  15. When you do co-op or multiplayer gaming with your friends, how do you schedule it, especially in different time zones? Do you deliberately set up times, or do you just hope you are both online sometimes at the same time?
  16. What games have you played where you have spotted a large number of continuity issues with respect to other instalments in the same series? We could also discuss retcons here, which I don’t see as the same thing really, but I can see where it might overlap a bit.
  17. Are you more likely to equip armor with great stats that is absolutely hideous, or armor with moderate stats that is nice to look at?
  18. What were your favorite arcade games as a kid?
  19. Are there any sections in games that you had a hard time with that other people seemed to find easy? For instance, I had a hard time with the last big fight in TLOU 2, but judging from a quick search, most people found that fight fairly simple.
  20. What are some sections in video games that were easy for you, and which you were surprised to learn that a lot of other players struggled with?
  21. How long has it been since your last LAN party? For me I’m guessing like 15+ years.
  22. What is the longest period of time you have gone without gaming? Why were you away from gaming during that time?
  23. Will a gaming laptop have a longer lifespan if I use it exclusively for gaming rather than for work, internet and everything else I do all day on a computer?
  24. Did you ever play a video game because one of your favorite developers or video game writers said it was an influence on their work?
  25. So, a generous friend bestowed me out of the blue with a gaming laptop. Since I have another laptop for work, I figured it may as well be dedicated solely to gaming to extend its longevity. If anyone else has a laptop you use exclusively to game, what do you do with it if you are not using it for a couple weeks? Do you store it away? Do you leave the battery in or take it out? etc. I have literally nowhere to set it up permanently, so I am struggling to figure out how to juggle it.
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