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  1. What are some games that you specifically think should have prequels made? What would you want the prequels to focus on?
  2. Even really solid sequels often get short shrift, and sometimes I wonder if it is because sequels, however good they are, tend to simply be less memorable than originals. Our first experience of something is novel and fresh, so it sticks in our minds longer. What do you think?
  3. When you are playing a sandbox game, how do you typically decide on goals for yourself?
  4. I know a lot of people feel the quests in No Man’s Sky are a bit tedious. I am wondering how much of the main quest line folks here completed before just going off and doing your own thing?
  5. Watch Dogs Legion is my first Watch Dogs experience AND actually my first encounter with Assassin's Creed. So, I can't really give an informed opinion, but from what I can tell, the tie-in integrates really well. I think you could be right that a completely integrated game could work well!
  6. Maybe you're right. My friend says I need this edition, but maybe she only thinks that because she runs a server? I want to be able to join her server, but not necessarily host one.
  7. Are there any authors of books that you think would do a great job working on video game development?
  8. Are there games you can think of that do a really good job with things that you typically don’t like in games? Like, for example, if you find fetch quests annoying, is there a game that actually makes fetch quests fun? Etc.
  9. It seems rare for people who specialize as voice actors in video games to get jobs playing roles in TV shows or movies (as opposed to the reverse, which seems to happen quite often). What is the reason?
  10. What are some games that in general you think are very well-designed, but which feature one or more terrible design flaws that make the whole thing worse?
  11. I've tossed most of my game boxes/cases by now. Price of living in a tiny space.
  12. Back against a wall ... ah, the obvious things I never think of. Thanks! 🙂
  13. So, I want to purchase the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. But I cannot seem to find it listed as such. Is this identical to simply buying “Minecraft for Windows?”
  14. That seems quite sensible. I on the other hand am more likely to feel it has turned into a vendetta, and I must complete it at all costs, sanity included =D
  15. I think people pick up things when they're on major discounts "just in case" sometimes, only to never really decide to play them.
  16. If you're looking for a decent review, I recommend Shagger's review here:
  17. I'm not sure what @Justin11 is referencing. I haven't written any game reviews. But I do sing the praises of TLOU and its sequel pretty often, so perhaps that is it 🙂
  18. I have not played any of these games, but it seems quite odd to me to skip content on purpose. Still, it is good that there are options.
  19. What is your single all-time favorite piece of music from any game? Mine is this theme from the Forgotten Vale in Skyrim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBGgZ1PUFWU&t=20s
  20. I often see players complaining that video games seem to be attempting to guilt trip them. There are some cases where I can see this argument—particularly if it is in the context of a game with a complete blank slate character and a very high degree of player agency. But in games with restricted player agency and/or set, developed characters, it seems a bit odd to me. The narrative may suggest the character should feel remorse for an action, but since it was not the player’s choice (even if the player played through the action), I don’t see how that is guilt tripping the player.
  21. Are there any characters in video games that are wildly popular, but which you just don’t like at all?
  22. Are there any characters that are widely disliked in video games that you like?
  23. What are your feelings about NFTs and gaming? I wish I could say I have any, but to be honest, I am still trying to comprehend the concept of NFTs in the first place.
  24. What defunct video game developer do you wish had never closed down?
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