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  1. Are there any celebrities you became familiar with via gaming who most people would have expected you to know from other things? For example, I became aware of Felicia Day through her voice acting, despite her being much better known for other stuff she’s done.
  2. In TLOU: Left Behind and TLOU 2, there are parts where you can set your enemies on each other. What are some other games that feature a similar mechanic?
  3. What are some games that require you to just patiently sit and wait for something to happen to help you through fights? For example, in TLOU 2, there are fights where you need to sit behind cover and wait for your enemies to clear out each other.
  4. What are some games that allow you to have a huge amount of tactical control over how you direct and manage your followers? Speaking specifically here about single player games.
  5. Has playing a large amount of video games desensitized you to anything? It could be violence, jump scares, amazing graphics, or anything else you can name.
  6. No matter what game I am playing, I consistently walk right into traps. This even typically happens if a follower gives me a warning; I am too hyperfocused on something else. Do you stumble into most traps, or successfully evade them?
  7. Do you ever steer clear of certain areas in open world games just to prevent triggering events that will kill NPCs? Like I avoid the orc settlement near Riften in Skyrim because walking past it often triggers a giant attack I can’t always intervene with in time.
  8. What are your feelings about boss fights where you have to wade through like a stage 1, then a stage 2, then a stage 3? Like where you bring the boss’s health bar down to what looks like zero, and then have to do it all over again? I find them tedious but tolerable if I know that’s what’s coming, but I get frustrated if it isn’t clear at the outset since it messes up supply management.
  9. There are a number of TV series that are either on the air or will be soon based on video game franchises. Which of these are you most excited about, and why?
  10. Is there any particular type of video game technology that you took forever to adopt, but have become a big fan of?
  11. Is there a gaming platform you were convinced you’d never get into, but after you gave it a try, you found you loved it? What surprised you about it?
  12. When a game gives you a relevant tip after you die, do you ever feel like it is subtly mocking you? Especially if it suggests lowering the difficulty =D
  13. Whenever I find a unique, named item like a weapon or armour in an open world game, I am always worried that if I sell it I will want it back. But I never use 99% of them, so they all get stored in a chest somewhere. Does anyone else hoard these types of items?
  14. Does anyone else cling to their resources in games with such paranoia of running out of things that by the time you reach the end of a typical game, you are loaded down with hundreds of each common item, and then realize you barely used any of them through the whole game?
  15. What are your craziest gaming predictions for the next 50 years?
  16. Was there ever a game that you were dying to play for some reason, despite it being a type of game or genre of game you normally steer clear of? What was it, and what compelled you to get and play it?
  17. Are there any game series where you feel the games are perceived better if one thinks of them as standalone titles set in one universe, rather than belonging to one full “arc”? Like, I would say this is true about Dragon Age.
  18. Did you ever buy a game, lose interest in it, and then sell it again without playing it once?
  19. Have you ever literally burned through so many supplies that you were unable to progress through a particular fight or segment of a game?
  20. Are there any games that you just could not stop playing originally after you bought them, but after a while, you found they grew stale and dull?
  21. To some extent, some games are designed to be somewhat frustrating, and to test the player’s patience. Do you enjoy playing games that cause you to feel frustration? In what situations? What separates “good” from “bad” frustration while gaming? And can even “good” frustration go too far? On a similar note, how much of the frustration do you feel when playing certain games do you think comes from the way the game was made versus your own expectations?
  22. What are the best games from the past year that got very little media attention?
  23. What games under development right now have beautiful graphical design?
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