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  1. I am pretty sure the beaux arts-looking cloud city in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode ""Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" last night was a reference to Columbia in BioShock Infinite. The episode itself no doubt referenced "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula K. LeGuin, but similar themes run through the BioShock series as well.
  2. *********SPOILERS BELOW for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea************** How was there still a Comstock existing in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea? Everyone says, “He escaped deletion because he was in Rapture,” but this makes zero sense to me. If he was at the baptism, he got deleted at the baptism. I conclude that he was not at the baptism, and became Comstock via other events.
  3. *********SPOILERS BELOW for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea************** In BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, did you think the final Comstock had it coming? I get that he ran away from being accountable, which was a very Comstock thing to do. But he did coincidentally still have to learn to live with guilt over losing a child, he’d given up on the whole “drowning in flame the mountains of man” ambition, and he clearly cared about Sally. I don’t think he deserved to die.
  4. *******SPOILERS ABOUT BIOSHOCK INFINITE BELOW******** For a long time, I assumed Booker’s office which shows up in situations where he almost dies was a figurative location in his mind where his jumbled memories tried to sort themselves. But owing to its grainy, black and white look and the theory of quantum immortality, I am wondering if it is more like a tear. If so, I think every time Booker “almost dies,” perhaps he does die in one world, and we are following a universe where he didn’t. I always get confused about the “broken” people along the way who remember dying in a neighboring universe. Why do they remember this at all? Did the consciousness of the versions that died somehow get pulled through the tears and merged with that of the consciousness of the versions that lived? Does this also happen to Booker during the game if he dies? In which case, my next question is whether this means that somehow in the after credits scene, we are seeing the older Booker we know transposed/superpositioned over a younger Booker who never went to the baptism? Did “our” Booker escape erasure after all?
  5. Some MMOs and MUDs take an approach where players in opposing factions have restricted interaction with each other whether through the zone structure or simply the rules of the factions themselves. Personally, I find this severely limits my enjoyment of multiplayer games. How do you feel about it?
  6. If you take months or years off from a specific MMO, what tends to bring you back to logging in? New content? Missing old friends? Something else?
  7. You trade cryptocurrencies for a living? And I would say this forum isn't about crypto and NFTs, but sometimes there are some overlaps with gaming, like the MetaRace game in this thread. I share a lot of peoples' environmental concerns regarding NFTs and crypto, though I know that ETH, for example, should soon be much more eco-friendly. Regardless, I think MetaRace sounds like a lot of fun! Do you think you will give it a try? I think much of NFTs and crypto as they stand now have some serious problems, but I also think the technology is evolving rapidly, and soon will be more eco-friendly. There are also a lot of potential practical applications for NFTs.
  8. I just found out that Netflix will be doing a live-action BioShock movie, though I don't think there are any details made public yet. Thoughts?
  9. I notice there are a lot of love or hate reactions to the BioShock Infinite DLC Clash in the Clouds. I just started playing it for the first time. I do find it really inconvenient there is no way to save in the middle of a 15-round set, but aside from that, it’s been fun and taught me some new combat tricks. How do you feel about Clash in the Clouds?
  10. What are some games that you have played that were super well researched and educational, but were not designed with education as their primary purpose?
  11. As far as realism goes, I feel like vegetation has long imposed major challenges for developers, but it is looking a lot better in recent years. What is the most impressive vegetation you have seen in games? For me, it is the vegetation in the Trespasser DLC of Dragon Age: Inquisition.
  12. Are there any games that you know a developer talked about or worked on and then abandoned that you wish they’d finished? I heard Ken Levine talking about one once that would have involved extracting characters from cults without their agreement that I thought would have been interesting.
  13. If you have a disc-less console, when do you uninstall your games? Directly after you finish them? Or just when your space is getting full and you want to install something new?
  14. Are there games that are an “event” to you to play, and that you consistently put other things on hold for? Like whenever I play a BioShock game, I usually just abandon other parts of my nighttime routine until I am done.
  15. You're right. What I want most from TLOU III would be for Neil Druckmann to tell the story he wants to tell 🙂
  16. Do you sit through video game credits? I generally do on a first playthrough, just in case there is after credits content.
  17. I often find myself frustrated with open world games presenting problems in game that I feel have obvious, logical solutions, and then no way to implement them. The Outer Worlds I think has done a great job not doing this. Almost every time I think of a solution to a problem with a faction or whatever, there is a way to do it. What other games do well with this?
  18. What are some games that feature great covers of popular music—especially original covers madefor the games?
  19. If you were offered $1 million to never play your favorite game again, would you take it?
  20. What are some video games where a character sings in the game? Some examples are Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite, Ellie and Joel in TLOU 2, and Leliana in Dragon Age Origins.
  21. Lest we forget, Omicron spike wasn't that long ago. I would not be surprised if that also has caused production problems.
  22. What is an example of a time a video game developer cut corners and thought you wouldn’t notice? For instance, in BioShock games, I noticed they reuse the city skylines of Rapture and Columbia, i.e. if you look out of the window to your left, and then the window to your right, you will see repetition in the scenery. I don’t understand how they could not think the gamer would discover this.
  23. At what points in a game do you make a manual save? What motivates you to do it? I find most of the time when I save a game manually, it is because everything is working okay and not bugging at that moment in time, so I am making a save because I am concerned about losing progress if something bugs shortly thereafter. I also will manually save after finishing anything challenging and time-consuming. Sometimes I will save too if there is beautiful scenery/weather, as I did not know how to make screenshots on PS3.
  24. When you run into a bug in a video game, are there certain standard protocols you will try to fix it, because you have noticed they often work? For instance, if I run into a bug in a video game, I will often attempt to load a different area and/or a different game screen, as forcing the bugged zone to reload sometimes fixes it.
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