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  1. I feel like this is something that can't really be measured for games in general, because its completely different for every game. Some games I adjust to very fast, while others it takes days or more, depending on how weird or different they are. Maybe some games you just never fully adapt to because its just way too much unlike anything you've ever dealt with, and/or you just don't have the aptitude for it.
  2. Well that's a fantastic question. These days I've been looking for ways to help me sleep better. A lot of times I'm afraid to just lie in bed and close my eyes because I'm afraid of anxiety and fear inducing thoughts that may come to me, so I lie there and look at stuff on my phone until I pass out. A lot of times I take Benadryl a half hour or an hour before trying to sleep. Sometimes I drink some wine (not mixed with benadryl or any other drugs) if I'm really desperate for sleep. Occasionally I try meditating.
  3. I dunno. I'd definitely rather die than kill one, though. And I would surely put the life of one of my pets over my own.
  4. Oh I certainly wouldn't blame her. I just wouldn't want to be overly presumptuous by assuming that this had a large role in shaping her view of people. I mean I can't really know the extent of how much she was bullied or, more importantly, the depths of which it affected her personally.
  5. My all time favorite games are Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI (in no order, though I tend to say the latter is my favorite). They have had the largest impact on my life than any other games I ever played (because I was so young when I played them, no doubt). FFIV in particular really helped formulate the basis, in my mind, of what makes a game, or a story, good.
  6. Wow, that's absolutely horrendous. If that's the kind of stuff you dealt with regularly, its a wonder you're still sane.
  7. Ahhh... Very interesting. I'd never heard of this before now. It sure seems like satanism has evolved a lot; this seems a whole lot different than the Laveyan satanism that I researched long ago (the only Satanism I ever knew), and a lot more practical too. I'm not any kind of satanist, mind you, I just find learning about different religions interesting. I majored in Religious Studies and minored in Philosophy in college.
  8. No she wasn't. That's a very sad story. She has had a lot of trouble though. First when she was 2 years old she was afflicted with some illness that paralyzed her and almost killed her. She managed to slowly recover somehow, except for her right leg, which had to have the tendons cut in it, so ever since its basically straight. She can't bend her knee. She's 14 older than me so I don't know all the details, but I've been told that she had an incredibly difficult time because was treated cruelly by other students in school because she was crippled, and she had a very difficult time academically as well. I guess that all may have something to do with why she has such a negative view of other people.
  9. Yes, I meant the actual plot in that movie might become reality. Semi joking, of course, but who really knows
  10. Yeahhhh U.S.S. Callister is one on my favorites too! I love the Star Trek parody element to it. It’s also one of the few episodes that actually has kind of a happy ending.
  11. This is probably gonna sound pretty tame, but, well... It just really stands out to me for some reason. I was raised Catholic, and wayyyyy back when I was in third of fourth grade I was still praying before every meal, which I did at school as well. I don't remember anybody making fun of me for it. Ironically, the only person who ever gave me trouble with it was one of the teachers who patrolled the cafeteria during lunch. One day this teacher saw me praying before starting my lunch, and she walked over to me and told me to stop doing that. Back then I didn't think anything of it, so I just went along with it. I never even thought to mention it to my parents, who are devout catholics, until many years later. Of course they were shocked. Looking back on it myself, it does seem pretty audacious. I don't know about back then or not (would be like 20 years ago or something) but today I assume a person could easily get fired for doing something like that. You know, freedom of religion and all that.
  12. I personally don't know why I should care who makes the games. Its how good the games are that I would be interested in. That said, there have been a number of indie games that I have enjoyed a great deal, and the existence of indie devs surely allows for the creation of some very interesting types of games, the likes of which we'd never have had the pleasure of experiencing if it weren't for things like Kickstarter. It doesn't hurt that Indie games are always(?) cheaper, too! 😄
  13. Case in point, the current state of affairs in North Korea. Although, I'm told they also worship their leader there like a God, so I guess its probably more like a combination of fear, and brainwashing through censorship and propaganda.
  14. Politics. It seems like basically everybody is completely incapable of discussing anything in this area in a civil and respectful manner.
  15. There are a bunch of scenes I would love to reference. But I'm afraid they're all too spoilery....
  16. OH MY GOD there are SO many series I could say this about. It seems like somehow if they make enough sequels to something (RPG series more than anything else), they manage to screw it up somehow (IMHP). Games that I think should have been the final entry in their series: Wild Arms 1 Suikoden 2 Breath of Fire 2 Lufia 2 Final Fantasy 7 (Not the Final Fantasy series, just the "FF7" series: none of this Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core and what have you) Final Fantasy 4 (Same deal as FF7) Chrono Trigger Those are all just off the top of my head, more or less.
  17. I'd like to think it'd make people less pretentious. That's just a fantasy, though.
  18. Bayonetta 3. I liked Bayonetta 1 & 2 a lot. I can't believe Its been 7 years since Bayonetta 2 released, and there's STILL no info on when Bayonetta 3 comes out. It supposedly is still being worked on, though.
  19. I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog Nut. I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog! My favorite hands down is Sonic Adventure 1, followed by Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I don't play new Sonic games though, ever since Sonic Colors. Call me silly, stupid, or crazy, but I care a lot about the stories and characters in the Sonic games, and as bad as the games got, they at least maintained the characters somewhat consistently. I couldn't take it at all though when they completely altered Sonic's personality in Colors though. I hated the new voice actor too. So Sonic, for me, lives in the past at this point.
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