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  1. Well lucky for me I do have a Switch. But the most recent articles and updates seem to be from about a month and a half ago, and they all say the game is due to release in Spring... Which is just about over, so... Yeah. I don't know if that means the game might just suddenly come out unexpectedly, or that it will probably be delayed again.
  2. Your research is correct. And yeah, I mean, well, rather than Metroidvania, I would say its straight up Metroid like. In terms of gameplay anyway. The atmosphere and general feel of the game is super creepy though, and that along with the game's somewhat mind bending (if a bit limited) story make it a whole lot different. In any case, I'd highly recommend giving it a try. As I said, Axiom Verge was SUPPOSED to be releasing like... right around now I guess, so if the sequel -does- come out soon like its supposed to, then now is the perfect time for first timers to play the original.
  3. The number one game I've been waiting for for quite some time now has been Axiom Verge 2. The wait is killing me!! I feel like Axiom Verge was maybe one of the best games I ever played. I loved it so, so much, I'm just dying for the sequel to come out. I keep on checking for updates, and there keep not being any. I can't find it now but the last time I checked it was supposed to come out sometime in Spring 2021.... Well Spring is like practically over! *sob* Whennnnnnnn is it coming?
  4. Wow. I gotta say I never thought I'd hear someone call Die Hard "god awful." I mean, I would tend to agree with you with most of those movies, but the first one is a classic. The Last Boy Scout is fucking awesome though. That movie has like the best one liners ever.
  5. Does anybody like it? Who DOESN'T like it? This movie is awesome! And so much talent in here too, with Milla Jovovich before she became super famous, and my god you can never go wrong with Gary Oldman.
  6. Literally the last game I played period was Hollow Knight (well I technically still play Genshin Impact a little bit every day, but that doesn't count). It was my first time. It was very fun with a dark lovely atmosphere. The story was interesting but confusing, though. I wonder if its even supposed to make sense?
  7. I played Diablo like crazy, and this is the first I've heard it referred to as a Roguelike. Even If it is, I'd say its missing some important roguelike traits. I would suggest looking into other roguelike games. The few I've played have been pretty challenging. Losing progress and items when you die are definitely hallmark traits.
  8. Yeah I agree. I mean its actually really easy once you know how to get to places and stuff, but still a great game. I like to joke that its one of the metroidvanias from before metroidvanias existed ('cause it kinda is).
  9. Diablo is considered a Roguelike?? Wow, I played that game SO SO SO much throughout my life. I mean I know its got randomized dungeons, but is that really enough to be a Roguelike? You don't lose your equipment or your levels or anything (assuming your computer doesn't crash or power outage or something before you can go back down and get your equipment back)
  10. I think you mean Masochist? But yeah, I love brutally challenging games myself. Although it might not be -quite- as bad as it sounds; Dark Souls is pretty damn hard the first run through. From what I've seen Roguelikes definitely tend to keep you on your toes though.
  11. Sorry, I honestly don't know. Like I said, I am definitely no expert. But since Staceypowers started this thread, maybe she has some answers??
  12. I think Pac Man is more fun than most of those other old games you mentioned. Personally though, I think the NES was the true beginning of really great video games.
  13. Zelda Ocarina of Time. When I was a kid I got SO ridiculously excited about it from what I read in magazines. One of the things I got excited about the most was having the ability to jump. I got incredibly pissed when I played the actual game and you couldn't jump. I got even more pissed when I read Miyamoto talk about the reason for this: "We wanted to make it easier for players, so we designed it so that you would just jump automatically when you run off the edge of something." Honestly, to this day when I think about that explanation I'm like WTF?!! But anyways, yeah... I maintained an overly negative view of the game while I played through it due to that and a few other little things. I played it again years later though and loved it. I guess I was a pretty strange kid.
  14. Well ah... I'm not exactly an expert, but a couple of the most easily identiable characteristics are randomly generated dungeons, and losing most/a lot of your stuff and progress that you gained while you were in the dungeon. For example, maybe when you die you lose all your items, and/or if its also an RPG then maybe you go back to lvl 1 every time you re-enter. Stuff like that.
  15. its not Rogue-like. Roguelike is an actual genre, like RPG, Strategy, Adventure, etc. Rogue Legacy is one of the newer ones that I know of.
  16. The first (and best) one I ever played was Azure Dreams.
  17. This one for me too. Also Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest.
  18. I don't know why I'm posting this here. I guess to help relieve some of the tension I feel about waiting and waiting and waiting for some of these things. Not that I mind waiting. I always say, let them take as long as they need to to make the best quality game that they can. Anyways, this is everything I have (on my list) now, in no particular order: Axiom Verge 2 Bayonetta 3 Forsaken Castle Gestalt: Steam & Cinder Cyber Shadow Mind Seize Metal Unit SteamDolls The Last Faith 9 Years of Shadows Well, except the top one. Axiom Verge 2 is at the top by design because I FUCKING LOVE AXIOM VERGE. Oh, and the fact that they're almost all indie games is purely coincidental, I assure you! I just really love retro style games, and, well... a lot of those seem to come from Indie developers these days for some reason. And yes, before you say it, I know that a bunch of these are available already either on Steam or even on the Switch. Well, I'm not gonna buy something on Steam if I already know its coming to Switch (and these are all confirmed to be, pretty sure). But beyond that even, I -really- prefer to get a physical copy of a game if I can. And the ones that are on Switch already are confirmed to get physical copies. Except Cyber Shadow, I think, so I might just go ahead and get that one in the near future. If you're familiar with a bunch of these, then you probably have a pretty good idea about -some- of my favorite kinds of games [in this case, metroidvanias, action/adventure type games, games of the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres (or just thematically)]. So if any of you look at these and think there's a game that I should know about, by all means, inform me! Or just feel free to chime in and say "I'm anxious to play X or Y game as well!" 😄
  19. The title pretty much explains it. I'm looking to get Kirby Planet Robobot, and I see that there's these two versions. I swear, there doesn't seem to be any info AT ALL about what differences - if any - there are between these two. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks.
  20. Well I can only speak for myself, but streaming music is something that I have almost never done. To me its like the radio; I would only use it if I didn't have any of my own music to listen to (which pretty much never happens. If I know I'm going somewhere, I'm going to bring music with me) Music is a huge part of my life, and whether I have to get it physically or digitally, I am always going to want to have my own copies of songs and albums that I can listen to as I choose.
  21. I've just about finished playing Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 on the PS4. This will have been my second time playing it. I've also been playing Genshin Impact for some time, which requires you to login and do a couple things every day to get the most out of it, so I can't really just outright stop playing it (unless I'm willing to take some losses).
  22. hahaha... She was just referring to the way you get pushed back in general when you get hit. She felt you got pushed back way too far, and apparently had a problem getting knocked into holes throughout the game. I would also guess that getting knocked around too much probably made her get nervous and generally lose focus and control (if that makes sense). That, at least, is something I can understand conceptually. Like when things start happening so fast you can't keep up and you don't have enough time to think about your actions. I think this happens to me sometimes when I'm playing fighting games, against people who are very good at them (because I'm not very good at them. I still enjoy it, though). I've never played any of those rom hack games though. They always seem kind of cheap to me (as in, not particularly well made). I do love a good challenge, though.
  23. Yeah, we don't even play games together that much anymore because of this. I always pick out games that are not very difficult; she's just generally unskilled at video games, with a low tolerance for (her own) failure. If we do play something together, its usually something VERY easy. But sometimes I overestimate her ability to do certain things, and, well.... situations like this come up.
  24. I think this is a reasonable perspective. I almost never get angry at video games. I almost never get angry at all, to be honest (frustrated or upset sure, but not angry). But it sounds like you're talking about, what we might call.... bad physics, or something like that. Like, you have a sword, but even if any part of the whole second half of your sword touches an enemy, the game won't register it as a hit, unless its even closer to the hilt (if that makes sense). Or a bullet clearly flying through your head but not hitting you. These kinds of things are what I would call objective flaws in a game.
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