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  1. I never felt guilty for any character, but I do feel pity for cj when am about to end a mission,lol I mean me and him have been through a lot.
  2. GTA vice city, halo and hitman. I can remember locking myself in the room just to play these games.
  3. You took the topic out of my head, I won't mind working for free and testing new games cos that have been my dreams for a while now.
  4. Back then it was resident evil, I couldn't play once and don't dream about it for a whole week. But now, I see it has a normal zombie game.
  5. I haven't noticed any since I have been playing games, I guess it never did occur to me.
  6. That is terrible, really terrible. I hope the teenage punish him after all he put them through.
  7. For me it will always be Call of duty.
  8. It might take 3 years cos nobody is talking about it and I think the GTA 5 is still rocking it. I would want them to add more storyline and characters like a shoulder becoming a mafia or a driver turning to a street lord, you know something cool and twisted.
  9. 1. Halo 1,2,3,4 2. Call of duty warefare 3. Uncharted 4. Quake 4 5. Spiderman
  10. I started up with quake 4 but it never felt anything like home, I just keep getting scared everytime I face a different boss. I think call of duty warefare is the only game I feel safe with, no alien, no scary looking weirdo, just terrorist with guns and explosives.
  11. I played FIFA 21 just few hours ago with my only friend and scored me 8-1 at first, 5-2 at second and to crown it all, he scored 5-0 in the first half then it in the second he added another 7 making it 12-0. Cmon, don't blame me, I know I suck at football, but I did killed him a survivor mode on Halo.lol
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