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  1. Yeah well said @reality vs adventure. Have you watched " like stars in the sky". It's another movie that shows pity, I just wish there could be a movie which was done in a simply and normal environment, take for example, something done in a small apartment like you said and maybe someone who doesn't really have anything to offer falling in love with some girl who is only chasing her dreams, real life story. For a change I think the story will be great, no kidnapping, no killing, no death, no get rich by the end, just normal life and nothing more. If I was to think the way most movie producers and script writers think, they tend to make the stories more interesting by starting with a tragedy story and ending in something we all know as happy ending and I can't blame them cos it has been working fine for years and it has turn to a tradition in the movie industry. May be they are just scared of making an entire new movie that doesn't follow the story line and they feel like it's not going to sell or something cos all these fake stories have sold a lot since the beginning.
  2. We can't really blame the script writers and actors that shot the movies, they were only trying to make the movie more heart touching and maybe a little bit more dramabwas put into the movies, but I still liked titanic has a kid but I will never watch it again.
  3. I still enjoyed the game despite the fact that it add small map. I got the cheat from a friend and you know how it feels when you've got the cheat, lol.
  4. My parent would never allow me to get addicted to any video games cos there were rules and time frame and that has really helped me upto game. Yes I do spend more time playing my favourite game but when it's time to stop, I stop without anyone counseling me.
  5. I just pick my phone up and watch more live stream games from Facebook or i just give myself some break by going outside and just looking at what is going on outside but to be frank, I just find myself lying down depressed and my life just feels empty.
  6. Have you tried playing some boss level on quake 4 Xbox 360, it gets more harder with every new mission you attend to
  7. I love playing games at game center cos I get to make new friends and compete with strangers and also I don't mind betting on my favourite game.
  8. I have never played casino games, cards or detective games. I might try detective games this year, maybe on my phone.
  9. My favourite games in the year 2020 will be COD modern warefare GTA 5 And I think I finished black ops too.
  10. I think the best store for video games is steam. I saw steam giving discount this season on every game purchased and I also think you can try play station store, they have fantastic game there. For mobile Android device you can use the popular play store
  11. Batman Arkham hero, the Joker is kind of too creepy for my type and most of the zombies I encountered on resident evil
  12. The huge monster from resident evil always keeps upgrading somehow, I find it difficult to kill almost all the time I encounter it.
  13. Funny enough, I just discovered the guy behind Halos mask was black lol. I know you won't believe me.
  14. I won't go into much details, but I like the part in Halo 3 when the computer was transformed into a robot body, still had the power to control something's, even halos mind.
  15. It will be one wall for Mario Bros, one wall for Halo, one wall for call of duty, one wall for F1. If I have to pick only one, ten it will be Halo, I just love the game.
  16. God of war PS4 the creativity level is superb, I just hope more series will come out this year.
  17. I don't think I will every try anything that deals with gambling not even on video games. I can't explain how much gamble have destroyed my dreams, I guess it not my way.
  18. I haven't gotten time to play GTA 5 and call of duty black ops, my friends and neighbors always recommends the video game to me, they even went out of their way to get me some cd, but I don't know what is holding me down.
  19. Really nice list,I kind of like this design, I like the idea of the resident evil. Dope
  20. I did tell my boss to create a game room in the office for us to use during the break hour, but he took it the other way and now he is keeping his eye on me.lol, dumbest idea ever.
  21. I played FIFA 21 and tomb raider. I didn't enjoy tomb raider but I think the game really have some cool stuff in it. One thing I hate out of the game is the part I have to be killing animals in the bush and way too much story.
  22. Google search is way more faster and I can download it directly and if I don't know the title to the music, I can simply just putting some of the lyrics or wordings I grab from the music.
  23. I don't know, I think he is just looking for support from him, or he is just criticising him.
  24. You can try Nicki Minaj super base or sound the alarm. Real base can destroy your deck.
  25. I have witness a O2 arena concert, that was when I noticed a lot of Africa musicians mostly Nigerians. It was really crowded.
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